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newest track I’ve made in a while. proud of this one


Hi everyone!
Happy to be bringing back my collaboration label, The Buddy System to the masses. Two new releases dropping on June 29!

pre-orders (digital) :

Hope you enjoy and support.

Any submissions please email



im feeling very good and i love too have fun so i decided to do a very dumb thing and release this


Heh, no worries, glad to hear more stuff, thanks!


Been trying to make some techno for a year or so now. This is the first track I’ve managed to finish out of nearly 100 projects. Be gentle!


This is some bonkers brilliance, and that one synth line pops from ~2:14-2:30 is some top mixing/mastering


hey i am not so good in english actually and i dont understand word bonkers? but thank you for nice words, i did master myself on my headphones only hah


“bonkers” means like “crazy” or “zany”. I meant it as a compliment :slight_smile: haha


Artist: Ghost Warrior
Title: Mountains / Midnighters
Label: The Collection Artaud
Cat #: TCA 08
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Country: DE
Release Date: 14 Jun 2018


thinking of starting a producky contest: info here for those interested


hey everyone!

we got a couple of upcoming releases the 6th of July from FALK Records in Iceland.

First off Polish producer/DJ ERZH

Next to that is Icelandic producer ASTVALDUR.

Let us know what y’all think!



“The idea that the life of the oak was in the mistletoe was probably suggested, as I have said, by the observation that in winter the mistletoe growing on the oak remains green while the oak itself is leafless.”


digging your track bless roots - best Rhythm & Sound vibes

I wanted to share a new tune of mine that continues this sound I’ve been working on called “folk club” using samples from different villages in Iran
hope you all dig it <3


Brendon Moeller aka Beat Pharmacy - TIDES (ROHS! RECORDS)

• Limited edition 7" Dubplate
• DIY printed sleeve on recycled brow cardboard paper (front and retro) + white inner sleeve + PVC protection sleeve
• Hand-stamped
• Hand-numbered
• Manufactured with love in Berlin
• Edition of 50

Brendon Moeller has essentially spent almost everyday of his life since 1994 in a home recording studio.
Through research and practice he has evolved into a prolific producer with 10 full length albums under his belt and dozens of singles and remixes.
He has performed live and DJ’ed at Fabric, Berghain and Cielo and then some.
His love of a hybrid of hardware and digital resources for production shines through.
His music has been championed by the likes of Francois K, Speedy J, Danny Howells, amongst others.
An eclectic sensibility stemming from a love of many genres of music is always evident in Brendon’s work.


Audiovisual ttrack from new EP of ZABRA records




free agent. if anyone knows of labels potentially sympathetic to my sound, please shoot me a note. thank you :slight_smile:


Hi all
ive been on a wave of making music more inspired by my childhood obsession with fantasy and rpg games, and the sort of cheese over the top sparkly fantasy often associated with mmorpgs, mostly in an attempt to create a more comfortable space for me to express my unique voice in club/experimental/ambient, while also exploring the space between the internet/childhood/gender expression and memories
aaaaaand im not sure if its actually good or if i’m going faaar up my own ass

i feel pretty good about this remix i did for dasychira at least

im just also interested in being able to express this sort of otherworldy feeling without having to use imagery in order to convince the listener



Hey! First post here to share this new release I’ve put on New York Haunted :slight_smile:

I previously released on Conditional Records with ‘Digital Concrete’

Released : JULY 11, 2018


nahh this is really actually good. the old school rpg vibes are strong, but not in a hokey way. definitely into this


Yeah, very well done I’d say.