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Hey everyone. Here’s a new track of mine I finished this month. Its less dance based than my other tracks cause I wanted to explore something more drone based this time around. Let me know if it sucks. : )


This is awesome. Good to hear a bit about the process behind it as well.


New 10min piece by Eyeface released through Slagwerk.

As part of the ‘Hauntology of the body’ series.


New cassette / digital full length out on & Options


A Complete Guide To ROHS! RECORDS


New (half-experimental) synthpop electronics single from Brigida HB. Released July 13th 2018.

Single of only one track:

  1. Brexistentialism (which is a pun on “Brexit” and “existentialism”)


For fans of Muslim Gauze, Square Pusher, Susumu Yokota, alva noto, Aphex Twin, AFX, Color Theory, Venetian Snares, Mouse on Mars, Ryoji Ikeda…

On Spotify:

On Deezer:

On Qobuz:

On beatport:

On other platforms: come on, do your research.


My computer bit the dust recently so I’m trying to salvage what I can from the external hard drive I have. Found a Wu tang clan meets Electro thing that I may have made off my head.


Have some copies of an ambient album I did recently in stock if anyone is interested (cassette and download) (I’m throwing in free unreleased tracks with all orders).



here i paste my second album, which i was working on for over a year.

listen, if you want to chill or you are interested in weird songwriting and subtle, but very complex music production. its very aestheticly detailed.


Yooooo, I just put out my first EP under the Medulasa name, I used to previously produce as Partisan (but got hit with a cease & desist…). The release was languishing on the desk of Perth Records for over a year before I decided to just self-release for my own sanity…

The EP is called “Meat Songs” and it’s kinda the beginning of this project moving away from basic industrial grime/hardcore stuff into something more living, breathing, and occasionally grotesque. I’d appreciate feedback etc, and if you want a free download, just email me at

Listen on your preferred platform here OR i’m embedding soundcloud below


just listening to the first two tracks -> this is exactly my cup of tea :yum:


awesome work with this release. I’ve heard it via soundcloud and some friends. it seems people are also excited about it


Thank you! Yeah, considering I just decided last Tuesday to put it out on the coming Friday, it’s been surprisingly well-received. I totally didn’t expect to get such positive feedback on it, so it’s been really nice!


Out on wax then next week on digi via Backwoodz Studioz:

cassette out next week too via PTP

For the NYC/tristate heads there’s a album release/fundraiser for immigrant rights show on Tuesday, August 28 with Armand Hammer and many others:


for those fans of Nostrum Grocers, AH is ELUCID and billy woods


Does anyone here make lo-fi-ish dub-techno? I’m starting the first ever cassette-only dub-techno label. Will be covering all the manufacturing costs myself so send me your stuff.


My latest remix submission of Golden Ohm’s, Outlaw - A 70s feel Downtempo chilled, trip hop journey through the West in competition on Metapop. It has a vibe of Eastern long haul airport opening with a grooveOutlaw - Golden Ohm (DDS Remix) inspired by French Band, Air.


New Filter Dread forthcoming Corrupt Data Sept 14th. 12" + Digital


hello 5’s
upped some EPs recently thought i’d share here, for machine funk techno gunk hyphy electronix heads i guess

chat soon


Track I did while getting to know my gear a bit better