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Hi idlestate,

was made by a visual artist from Lisbon. João Pedro Fonseca

here is the site:

and the design section:



You had me at the intro! Love this :smiley:


Great stuff so far, so thought I’d share my own (slightly more acoustic) EP! Please enjoy some of the songs I’ve written while under the influence.


Ah, that stuff is amazing! Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: Is it yours? It’s excellent! I bought it. :slight_smile:

Here’s a recent track of mine, I think I’m going to mess with it a bit more to make it a bit more varied, but I quite like it as it is as well. Music made with a eurorack modular synth. Visuals made with Zwobot in Ableton Live.


Hey everyone, my debut EP is now out :slight_smile:

Hope y’all like it



Ah thank you so much! I’m a remixer on that particular project (though I only used one or two samples from the original more ambient piece). Thank you for supporting! :heart:

Your piece is really lovely – a proper brain massager!


Thanks! Ah, yeah, I saw that after having bought the original. Your remix is a lot more interesting than the original. You should team up with those guys! :slight_smile: Just checked out your Bandcamp, and it appears you do not need to team up with anyone - excellent stuff! :smiley:



Some weird thing I did: (how do you embed?)

and another:


Hey Lads, here a couple tracks of mine, from my upcoming Album, let me know what do you think.



got a new album via 901 Editions.

more here


I did a little Graffiti-Soundtrack in 2016 consisting of Beats I did in the last years. Works pretty good with the video, altough I didn’t do a proper mastering.

Upload on Soundcloud:


Normally not so into this thing, but I like these tracks quite a lot!


Appreciate it, thank you!


these are great. big fan of your stuff


Okay so I’ve a couple of new things I think you all might like. Firstly, I won runner-up in a Boiler Room competition with this track:

and I’ve got a new track out from a forthcoming EP about how gross flesh is, but like, in a good way?


This is lovely! I would like to hear more of your work!


hey! thanks a lot. :slight_smile: appreciate hearing that. really like the tracks you’ve posted here as well! here’s my soundcloud, I record under many names and styles, so not everything sounds the same. :slight_smile:

Not sure why it links that particular track, it’s because it’s the newest one, I guess. Not a terribly good track, rhythm is kind of stale, but oh well, that’s the link to the soundcloud anyway.