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Always been into ur tunes @mortenhd I caught that latest one the other day. Real sick vibe. Lookin forward to the release


How do you embed Soundcloud?

I do bass/techno/house as Valdemar.


Hello fam, Sharing the second single off our new release. This one is a little synth, dub and deep house inspired. Any thoughts?



I just wanted to drop here my last Release for some feedback :slight_smile:

I’m new here but I’ll try to check and give some feedback to the posted Tracks/Releases



Ask 4 more


Release May 25th 2018

Postseason Franchise Records is happy to announce Into Memory, the debut album from Stockholm-based deep house and techno artist TTilawok. TTilawok’s first full-length album marks the completion of a year-long residency at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) in Stockholm, Sweden. Set for release on May 25th, Into Memory includes ten tracks which highlight the wide array of genres and styles which influence his sound.



TTilawok is a photographer and electronic music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden hailing from San Luis Obispo, California. His photography utilizes double exposure to create unique scenes from both natural and human born landscapes. His musical style ranges from deep house and techno to lo-fi, minimal, and ambient. Drawing upon a range of influences within electronic, psych, jazz and synthesizer-based music, TTilawok translates the surreal realms created in his photos and videos with his soundscapes. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, he traverses the realms of acid, ambient, low-fi, and downbeat with his first full-length release.

Into Memory will be available in all online stores on May 25th, 2018. The lead single and music video, “Rooted", is out now on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. In conjunction with the release, a limited run of 100 clear blue cassette tapes designed by TTilawok and the label’s resident artist Eimi Tagore-Erwin are available for pre-order on Postseason Franchise Records’ Bandcamp.

Find TTilawok here:





“TTilawok is a producer from Sweden with a new LP coming out later this month. I have the first single from the album, ‘Rooted’, for you to stream in full below. The song has a great deep house / deep techno vibe with a Detroit techno influence.”Dancefloor Mayhem

“Some of his beats are as cold as his new home, but there is an unmistakable excitement in what he does, shifting between house, acid, and trance influences. ‘Without Us’ is the final track on the record, which in context represents finality among tracks that reflect the past, but a single whining drone tells us there is still much ahead of us.”The 405




Thank you :slight_smile: :blue_heart:


Here my topic post, glad to join this fantastic forum.

I would like to recommend the latest Gacha Bakradze’s LP out on Lapsus Records, the label I manage from Barcelona. Maybe you know him from his previous Apollo/R&S releases. This time more into hi-tech and experimental stuff. I hope you like it.




This really reminds me of lanark artefax. Will ve listening to this for sure


really loving this to be honest!!


hey guys


Thanks @NATSOAS! Yes, It also reminds me to Lanark :slight_smile:


Wow, happy to find out about this community of like-minded producers, feels like home already. Here’s the latest self-release I’ve put out for free:


thanks a lot @feilersab :relaxed:

All individual Tracks are available to download for free, and all Tracks are also professionally mastered.

Happy to see that someone likes it :blush:


ill be posting samples and that of some artists we work with/or just enjoy , happy to see @mortenhd @Medulasa and @Ytem on here already as we are big fans of their work!

this is a edit from a producer out of ohio, Shirtless and he is apart of the ‘BUILD Crew’


i just released the thing if you want to check it out


Just making my first steps into Ableton proper.

Chopped up an Akiko Yano sample for this lil beat.


Hello, im new to this forum & I would like to share my EP I put out last October on my imprint, Sculp Arts. - also available on Bandcamp, Deezer & Tidal

I will check out your music :blush:



Bandcamp for free download >


didn’t had time to listen to it yet but i have to say i love the cover art, whos made it?