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a surfeit of clever/quality/unique work here. keep up the good work y’all


Heyyyy, this is my fave on that release too <3


Just self-released my 1st {arsonist} album, which is a live set that shows my more (still perpetually aggravated) ambient side.

Now working on stuff for a studio EP that’s more aggressive. Here’s one demo track that’s on the more finished side.

Really interested in production feedback, since I started as a violinist and am still quite new to this game :slight_smile:


Big fan here. Really loved the Intro of this release especially – the growly rolls in the low end contrasted with all the bright wooshing stuff in the highs makes it super spatial.


yoooo i love your work, and i love this tune!


tysm man,means a lot, big fan of your sound


Means the world! Thank you!


Really, really cool. look forward to the rest of the EP!

Also sorry to be a pest but stumbled across your Dungeon Drums EP on soundcloud a few months ago, i couldn’t find it on bandcamp/itunes or anything - is it soundcloud only?

Thought it was brilliant, love your drum programming :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
yea about the dungeon drums ep, it was supposed to be free dl but boukan never enabled it hahaha (no shade tho they’re lovely people)



New concept for 12Records. title says it all. Here are 4 emerging artists with their fresh and not forced idea of house music. keep it real, no pictures, no posers.


just got round to listening to this and i’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m getting serious Penderecki vibes from the first track


thanks @ytem, downloaded this morning and listened on the way to work, so good!


Cheers! You have no idea how much the Penderecki comment means to me, ha


“Unant” is a dark, atmospheric and epic drone piece.

While my first vinyl “Prairie” was a bright journey from hazy hills to light-flooded plains this second release “Unant” is quite the opposite story. It is an odyssey through dark and shady woods. A soundtrack to a dark night where plundering desperados wander around spreading devastation and unsettledness.
A monumental piece that deals with the absurdity of life and struggle of being, while shimmering hope is flashing up.

The one sided “Unant” 12“ vinyl comes in a distinguished screen printed recycling cardboard sleeve, screen printed B side and with stamped back and label, hand made with love and care in Berlin.
Edition of 100


made this joint with the homie Nick Leòn. putting on for Miami, more sounds soon. enjoy.


its fully deserved. I will be downloading the EP tonight for sure


This demo is amazing, so much detail! Walking through the forest on a cold night while all the birds are in the trees transforming into swarms of nanites.

EDIT: The ALTARED album is also freaking gorgeous.


I’m so excited to have a forum like this in my life again. <3 <3 <3

Here’s a music video from my last record!


this is really cool stuff


this is from something im releasing next week

and this is my other project, me on production and my friend sindre on vocals. we released this, our first ep a little while ago