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damn the noise in this sounds epic b


Thanks for listening! I’m glad you liked :slight_smile: hahaha what a coincidence!


Amazing release on this beautiful record label!

Joergmueller - Drawn From Memory (ROHS!)

Slowly stretching ambient melodies and shuffling dub techno rhythms rising above the dusty field recordings and spacey aural textures.


Yeah, that makes a lot of sense! I like the idea of the fragments and variations, almost feels like I’ve seen a Reaktor or Max/MSP patch that does this exact thing somewhere… wouldn’t be too hard to build one if not though!

I think in terms of getting the sound qualities of the songs you’ve mentioned, obviously as @NATSOAS for how they did it but to me the Ayya track and ON SET both share a kind of slow, stately tempo with lots of filter envelope on the bass synth opening up over half a bar-ish. The cool thing about these tracks is that there sounds like there’s a lot going on but I think it’s an illusion and there’s actually a lot of space in the mix for a few individual sounds with interesting textures and timbres to breathe. Less is more etc!


Following up to my earlier post the EP dropped today, free download whilst stocks last


Nah, no details yet, quite a big project but hoping to have it finished by either the end of summer or the end of year lol.


Here is the last major bit I threw out there. I love chuggy stuff and messing around with slower tempo’s in the techno realm can be super fun.


Haha, big up. Dystopia is my ultimate aesthetic.


i think there is more chorus than anything in that track!! the lead is heavily processed, like u said it sounds like theres a lot happening but there isn’t. will listen to what you’ve posted most recently later on @shortwavestatic & if you want to ask me anything directly feel free to message me on here


I’m more a noise person these days than my earlier (kinda mediocre) techno experiences, but this is a good example of my current work as Empathic Window. Maybe y’all dig.


Wonderful productions in here, thanks for sharing them. I also love the idea of this new plattform!!
here is a record that i’ve put out beginning of this year on my own imprint.
I hope a few of you will like the sound.

much love from berlin <3


@NATSOAS is ON SET sampled from Ayya - Second Mistake from Mono No Aware? I felt that it sounded very familiar to me, and upon realizing this is really does seem super similar. Be it one way or the other, I like the track, sounds great to me.


Amazing talent here. Stoked to start a dialogue!

Here’s my latest EP I released through my Spanish brothers at Sweat Taste. Would love some feedback from ya’ll.


Just joined! Some great music posted here.
Put out first 12" last summer, mix of house and ambient


a dedicated production forum would is a great idea !!!

just finished a cheesy house track that goes heavy on the arps for those that are interested. still deciding on whether it should make the cut on our 12" that is coming out in ~3 months.


Thanks @Taui its not sampled. I synthesize all audio. The only sample ive ever used in a track as NATSO AS is speech. AYYA is v talented and I have talked with him on a few occasions. When I made the track I wasnt trying to imitate anyone, it was made very quickly and ‘in the moment’ but tbh if ppl compare it AYYA thats cool


Alright, cool! As said, no disrespect intended, it sure sounds great. Now that we’re on the topic (and since this is a production thread), how did you synthesize that? Would be nice to learn, since I don’t really know how I’d begin doing something like that.


Quality is here is amazing! I haven’t released anything new in a while, as I’ve producing for other people, but here’s one of my favorite older tracks. New releases planned for this year(hopefully).


Mind Over MIDI - Ambient Selection (LP - ROHS!)
ROHS! RECORDS is glad to show you in preview our next album release and the born of our new catalog focused on 12" Vinyl LP’s.

The first release of the new catalog is written by Mind Over MIDI, prolific artist based in Norway and active on the electronic music scene since 90’s.

Ambient Selection is a collection of tracks composed by Mind Over MIDI from 2000 to 2010, including also unreleased tracks.

Link purchase:

Audio Listen:


hey everyone, sharing the first single off my debut with you, any feedbacks is welcome, hope you’ll like it :slight_smile: