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awesome tracks in here so far!
that thread’s definitley one to look up frequently.

here’s a contribution of mine, even if it might not be on level with the other tunes in here:


Don’t play yourself down, this is a fantastic journey


Really amazing stuff here. Though you will probably be underwhelmed by my offering, here’s some stuff from a new project, working with field recordings mixed up with found sound and acoustic instruments.


@NATSOAS, love that trance vibes on FTOB - paired with kind of a rolling kick thunder would make it a hypnotic monster. but probably it’s the absence of any beat / drum / perc element that makes this tune great!


@Eone, i pretty much love the ambience of SD07 Pt1. it makes me pull out my orwell book while playing deus ex with blade runner running on a screen somewhere in the background.


love the tension here !! gr8 mood, the visual def helps convey it as well i think.


Cheers, appreciate it!


just a tunes to get out there


Here it is guys. Just in time for summer. Enjoy


video plays off a tp rip, full release below. infinity stream on spotify or 200 copies in stores just now.


Hammer Fist, the name actually fits the track.
Actually, I got an idea how to give it a nudge into a slightly other direction.
Hit me up, if you’re interested in a remix of that tune from some dude like me.


yeah of course man, feedback of any kind would be great


Nice, so for me the main issue is that the whole mix feels pretty “set back”, like it’s coming from another room. Mainly there’s a lack of bass extension and a roll off on the top that makes the whole thing sound like it’s coming through an old radio. This might be an intentional effect? In which case it’s your call but for me it’s masking some of the really nice sounds that are in there, I’d love to hear this in widescreen and with lots more punch! Feels like there’s some real potential in this one!


thanks @esque think im gonna re up it tho. did a different take this morning


hey all, i LOVE that they brought a forum like this back, i used to spend hours and hours back in the 90s on (hah) rave scene boards. the reddit/fb/yt forums don’t have the same feel at all.

anyway, here’s some droney stuff a friend and I get up to:

I’d love to hear feedback!


Thanks man! I really agree with everything, this was something i made improvising by warping repitching and reversing with an old melody , resampling again and again and it ended up like that, a bit flat sounding.

But my plan is to use this as a base, and overlay a lot of different layers to it that would be fragments and variations of the same original un-reversed melody, these taking much more use of the stereo, each with different timbres and decay times, reversing some of them too. I like this kind of sound with a reverse quality to it, where there are a lot of layers that come and go unexpectedly and kind of oscillate at different rates.

My aim for it is to end up having a sound character alike to songs like ayya - second mistake , add a bit of the abrasivenes of koreless - sun or actually ON SET by @NATSOAS in the main post. But right now its pretty far from it and it lacks the big sense of space that make these songs feel like some transcendental experience hah

idk if i expressed my intentions correctly but any tip towards achieving this sound qualities would be great!


what’s the deal with the super distorted weightless/devil mix stuff at the top of this thread??? y’all rave to it?

feedback-wise it kinda lacks the traditional aspects of beat composition (structure /hookiness) I’m used to - maybe that’s eschewed on purpose… but it has a ton of emotional weight … guess I’m asking what the reference point for that sound is :thinking:


o this is darkside biz


I make the music I wanna hear really. I dont think music needs to have structure. I like repetition.

It lacks the traditional aspects of beat composition because theres no beat

Reference points. For the stuff I make at the moment under this name im def inspired by different circles a lot. But I dont take inspiration solely from music.