Production & Promo


Hi folks,

New album just out.
Label: NLS Records (HK)
Artist: ITEM (FR/DK)
Genre: Ambient?


A new one from me


new tape out on Medium Sound



CD/DL Rerelease (Reworked Audio) | May 2021

01 Expansion of a Moment (20:32)
02 Discordance Congruence (15:01)
03 Light Filtering Through (15:00)
04 Accreted (17:59)
05 Accreted (Reprocess) (19:36) — Digital Bonus

Synth / Effects
Sound Collages
Lake Shore
Thunderstorms / Rain / Birds
Night Insects
Night Coyotes / Voices

W/P by Justin Francazio

Original audio (alternate version): 2012-2013
New arrangement, mixing, and mastering: April 2021
Accreted (Reprocess): April 2021

Momentum was originally released in 2014 as an experimental long-form digital album.



Atmospheric breakbeats to study and fap to:

The Family Dildo (06:25)
DumBass (6:46)
Bible Audition (05:49)
Cosmic Sensation (05:40)


benefit release to aid MAP. all proceeds go to Medical Aid For Palestinians providing immediate medical assistance

we’ve currently raised a donation total of $200


new project


Hey everyone, we are a label based out of Oklahoma City and NYC. I found the forum through a reddit post, and this looks like a nice place! Just thought I’d post our new release that is coming out officially this Friday. :slight_smile:


Latest split release with Disheveled on Thac0 Records in Pittsburgh. 4 tracks each of dark atmospherics, asynchronous clocking, mangled electronics, etc


1st track of mine, got a lot more ideas and concepts I want to finish in the next few months


mixing modern DnB with that old school jungle sound



Hi here is Harmony // Stigma, my latest EP on Parmenides Records. Strongly influenced by Eeprom, Amon Tobin and Lorn. I hope you’ll like it!


new album of textural, nature-formed music from myself and ambi-jazz trio Geomag ~ cassette & digi