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18 min modular synth goodness, please give me a follow!


Made a pretty aggressive trap track :speak_no_evil:


new album, new label! limited editition 50 cds/digital


Fuckin love it man big ups


ooooo this is amazing


thanks! enjoying ur stuff too! i peeped ur website and bandcamp


New release from unperson for those intimate corners of the club (get us there soon!)

Supported by Avalon Emerson, Batu, Ploy, Logic1000, upsammy & more xx



hell yeah - appreciate ya ~


In 1989, when Trip City was first released with a five-track cassette EP by A Guy Called Gerald, there had been no other British novel like it. This was the down and dirty side of London nightclubs, dance music and the kind of hallucinogenic drug sub-culture that hadn’t really been explored since Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Maybe this is why Trip City is still known as “the acid house novel” and an underground literary landmark.

Trip City is now back in this all-new incendiary incarnation - including a new introduction by author Trevor Miller and a foreword by Carl Loben (DJ Magazine) and the soundtrack by A Guy Called Gerald is also being released on vinyl for the first time as part of a bundle with the book in June 2021.

A Guy Called Gerald: “When Trevor first gave me his manuscript for Trip City, I was excited by the experimental concept of writing music for a novel with the birth of British acid house as its backdrop. I wanted to create musical paintings which would evoke the story’s atmosphere and illustrate its visions of a dark, seedy club scene and the characters lurking there. This reissue affords a rare snapshot of an evolving music scene and celebrates the history of electronic dance music over the past 30 years.”

A Guy Called Gerald has mixed all five tracks in this mini-mix, pre-order the soundtrack: (


A1. Trip City
A2. Valentine’s Theme
A3. At The Mambo
B1. FX
B2. Soho Chances


Greetings, this is my latest release and my first post on here after like 3 years lol (even had to sign up again) so there we go. Ive teamed up with the prekursor guys from south korea and ashus from berlin and now we’ve got a venomklub :pray:t2:

Artist: zwansound
Label: Prekursor
Genre: bass / eski / forward / tech
Year: 2021


Don’t look so worried you wanted to make music and this is my studio!


link is not working bud!


new track up - - -


hey friends

ive released a short conceptual 4-piece + visual for this months bandcamp friday & almost forgot to share here :,)

the visual is up on my IGTV > 10 points if you can guess where it was filmed


Hey guys new one here from unperson! Support from Call Super, Zuli, Avalon Emerson, Batu etc xx

Bandcamp Preorder:

RA Review

Any support would really mean the world <3

(I cant get HTML bandcamp preview link to work?? - can someone help please??)


I remixed a brainorchestra track from a contest he opened up last summer. I didn’t win or get included on the remix compilation, but he said it was cool to just release it myself.

Ended up editing together a video for it and pretty happy with the final result. Would love to know what people here think.

my bandcamp:

Here’s the original version if you’re curious:


fantastic sound design dude! can you describe how this was made? sounds like you know a lot about synthesis


New Hard-Groove/ Minimal track. Think Rrose meets Quoth


yo friend, thanks for the comment. theres actually 2 heads behind this (my good friend Eustress and i) but i dont think either of us would claim more than a rudimental understanding of synthesis. we dont do FM or modular, just typical stuff in the box, 2 laptops running thru a behringer xenyx 16ch. we rely on post-production texturing a lot more, taking our live improvisations and eq’ing/stretching/slicing/widening/resampling. we also frequently do field-recordings & like to sample surface textures from films :slight_smile: you can hear bits of Stalker (1979), 2001: Space Odyssey, La Haine. we’re really inspired by Pole, ~Scape, King Tubby, Oval, Clicks + Cuts type vibe & recent g’s like Pontiac Streator. :facepunch::v:


oh wow the film surface texture thing is fucking brilliant!! had me fooled on the synthesis…so much texture, but this makes sense to me.

Also thank you for listing some of the influences. I’m digging into it and and some reeeeeeally cool stuff. the only person i was familiar with that you mentioend was King Tubby