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Act of Resistance, new EP by Sons of Achab.

One year after after releasing “Fake Land Memories”, Sons of Achab is back with a new opus.
While the first one invited the auditory to a far away trip through science fiction worlds,
this new chapter proposes to draw up an inventory of the contemporary world, with all its darkness and anxiety combined in these 6 tracks oscillating between Indus, Techno and Breaks.
More brutal and urgent, these new pieces are an opportunity for Sons of Achab to focus on the vital function of art as Act of Resistance.

I hope you’ll like it, and feel free to share!


final bandcamp friday of the year and its really special

heres what i put out today

anyone else release anything today?


Hi 555-5555 friends and fam,

I just released my new album via Health! Hope you like it.

Jakoby x


seriously well done
had me in from the first track :slight_smile:


Thank you! I appreciate the listen and the feedback :slight_smile:


Hello there! Just released this new EP.


Anyone here into making video game music?

Collaborating on making a racing game - loosely based on Mario Kart 64 physics crossed with Drexciyan futuristic hybrid type vehicles and landscapes.

One touch silly one touch sci-fi

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in collaborating!
<3 joe


sent you a DM :cyclone:


I usually make jungle but I attempted some breakcore recently, here’s the finished result. I think it came out pretty good, had a lot of fun chopping up those breaks.



Came out with a new album last week. Genres include downtempo, psychedelic, and ambient. Lmk what y’all think.




My new tape just came out on Seith Communiti

"La Yeguada marks a beautiful shift in direction for Enrique Hernandez’s rhythmic noise project. Stepping away from (but not fully abandoning) the project’s harsh industrial roots, Hernandez makes use of confrontational electronics, shattered breakbeats, and lush synthesizer to render a portrait of their own autonomous existence and familial identity filtered through the historical lens of Panamanian resistance to the United States’ lust for dominion. Limited to 50 hand-dubbed cassettes and limitless digital edition, mastered by Kevin Bednar. Layout and design by ae, printing by Outlandish Press.


@Acresofgold - I mastered that haha - really enjoying your release and the others in the batch!

New material from me - produced over the last 3 years or so. Part of a great 3-part batch available on Unifactor

additional previews here


A reflective soundscape, with melancholic piano theme…



little 2 track thing…


oh word! <3 <3 <3 .

I’ll have to check out that Unifactor batch



Feeling like this track is done but curious to hear what people think. I’m very inspired by Canadian house… Breezy, jittery, with some edge.


Please take time to have a listen to the debut from Sami El-Enany & Dampé — Opix .
Out now on Faith And Industry. All links here:


Another Faith And Industry release from late 2020.
The debut single out by Sissy Fuss a spanking new collaboration between
Rudi Zygadlo & George Finlay Ramsay (Curl).