Production & Promo


I have a track out on the Gays Hate Techno 3.0 compilation that came out today - track #2, Dial F. Curious to know what you think!


thanks man means a lot! upgrading all my production shit atm so hopefully will have some more stuff to share over the next couple months :blush:


MELANIIIEEE! <3 luv this EP, love Five Star Hotel <3


Ive listened to it 3 times thru already its wicked !!


some sick stuff here!

this is a tune i started, wonky footwork vibe, made it after watch a Jlin live stream on instagram haha

and this is another lite grimey one



monday night bangers


New one from me, basically just a tribute to Amnesia Scanner but I think it turned out nice


Sick man this is cool. Saw AS in manchester last summer. Blew my mind


This place is bumpin’ already! Going to contribute a little sneak to a new project I’m working on atm.

I hope this formats correctly…


We just released our first single from our upcoming record. I would be interested in hearing how musicians/bands get their work out into the world in this culture of over saturation.


Loving this mang! Good work.


Some really lovely work showing up in here! I feel like this one might fit in, if you’re not familiar with Panatype and you’re into noisey ambient stuff, do check them out.


idk how to mix


Loving this place right now. Working with breaks alot at the moment


Hi! nice tunes here! I stopped using souncloud sometime ago but this thread got me into it again!
I released my last EP in November hope you like it!

Janeiro // Cuatro Semestres EP


gorgeous stuff there - thanks for sharing! Also, that Garfield meme was almost going to be my avatar here so :clinking_glasses:


@NATSOAS that minilogue bass :ok_hand::ok_hand: love that synth


Been meaning to get back in the kitchen and finish off this one:


Rad, totally dig the productions on the page so far.

Here is one of our artists, TTilawok, releasing his debut minimal techno album on May 25th. If anyone is interested in an early listen just reply.


Consistently high quality stuff in this thread, particularly loving the sounds on that @Eone track… any more details about the project? @idlestate are you looking for mix feedback? Happy to give some!

Here’s something from me, a video from a new EP coming out tomorrow: