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hey all! ive put out an album yesterday and i worked reeaaal hard on it :,)

had pins and cassette tapes made as well to have a physical accompaniment for the music~

thanks for your time :sunny:


Submersion - Inward

New release previews:

September 2020 - CD/Digital

Mastered by A.P at GS Mastering & Post

File under: dub techno, ambient, drone, field recording


Here’s a couple of edits from me:

First is of Manix - Feel Real Good, as I always thought it was a fantastic track but there are so many things to hate about the arrangement, despite it being one of the best bits of sample selection out there

Second is a mash up of Schacke - Kisloty People and Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink, so obviously Skysloty was Pink.

Hope you enjoy



Submersion - Inward

CD / Digital

01 Inward I
02 Inward II
03 Inward III
04 Immerge
05 Angles
06 Inward IV
07 Oblique Motion
08 Eight

Sound sources:
Synth / Effects
Radio Static


W/P by Justin Francazio
August - September 2020
Mastered by A.P at GS Mastering & Post


Man this is really cool. I love the mix between ambient and the buried beat. Also the textures on Immerge. The one thing I felt that pushed me back a bit was that the 3 Inwards seem very similar in construction and esthetic, but that’s intentional I suppose. Need to have more time to listen to the whole thing.


I released my second EP in August. It’s dark, a bit experimental and with my first try at ambient on the last track.

Qazar - Silver Age

01 Apex
02 Silver Age
03 The Boy Said He Was From Hell
04 Nyx

Mastered by Steve at Black Monolith Studios.

Feedback welcome


hi all!

LOVERDIAMOND is out - it’s a breakbeat pop album with some art pop influences. everything here is self-produced, made in early 2019. hope yall enjoy!!



awesome work on these
i really wish track 3 was twice as long lol


Thanks ! Yeah they’re a bit short apart from the last one, I tend to get bored of my ideas quickly… glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Artist: Yaporigami
Label: The Collection Artaud (
Cat #: TCA 33
Format: Cassette (Chrome) / CD / Digital
Release Date: 25 Sep 2020

    A1. Lotus Bloom
    A2. Piano Prays
    A3. Diced Garden
    A4. 8,000,000
    A5. Cherub, Eve and Adam
    B1. Music Box Film
    B2. Dual Feathers
    B3. Sacred Tree Ring
    B4. Infinity Under Palace
    B5. I Care Because (I Sense) You Do

    Written & Produced by Yaporigami (
    Mastering by Yu Miyashita at Underarrow (
    Artwork by Vladimir Mitrović (



My new album out soon. Video for first track here:

Style is breaks, electronic, IDM, experimental, ambient, industrial depending on the track


Sami El-Enany & Dampé — I’m Eating

Digital Services:

Faith & Industry present you with the debut single from Sami El-Enany & Dampé — I’m Eating
From the forthcoming LP, Opix (4th Dec 2020).
A beautifully composed and masterfully produced album spanning deep alternative electronica,
modern classical and concrète ambiance. An essential debut release from the collaborative duo
featuring contemporary instrumentation and a guest vocal performance from Orlando Weeks.
Packaged in unique artwork by Diana Gradinaru.

Sami El-Enany is a British Egyptian composer and producer whose work negotiates
the fringes of modern classical, electronica and field recording.
Dampé is a studio project from South East London. Intimately involved in its club culture
from running warehouse spaces and booking venues to hosting a monthly show on Rinse FM.


New release including a collection of functional tools and melodies aimed mainly for djs. Volume 2 to follow next month, exclusively on Bandcamp.


Here’s a new track from me, in a future garage style using the modular synth, let me know what you think!