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originals mix 2016-2019 :slight_smile:


Me new works are out on Only Ruins, UK Brighton label… all tracks made surrounded by my anxieties, not going to clubs and electronic music. Art direction and design by Josh Geoghegan.

Released Digital & Vinyl too which is bangin <3

decided to try and mess with various types of samples, synths and speeds. I can’t seem to keep still on one consistent motif or “genre” throughout one release. Haven’t tapped into why I can’t just yet.


New Track & Video!
:rose: Reggaeton Progresivo :rose:


digging the new age vibes. :alien:


Today I released my new ep “Terror From The Crate”. Acid house / ghetto house, and some uk bass / breaks influences too. Hope you dig! You can have a listen on bandcamp.


This sounds sick man!


I just got my catalog on this new streaming service Emanate. It’s all minimal techno/house/ambient type stuff.


Out TODAY! New EP ‘Shoulder Season’. 4 tracks; the first 2 being UK Funky orientated, the second 2 more on the Garage / Dark Garage tip. DM for Promo downloads :headphones:


woul love to hear some thoughts on this new jkxo song. its his second single…interesting tom misch/nu disco kinda vibe but a bit more r&b influenced.



Hi :wave:t3:

Preview clips for “Penthouse Edits Vol. 2”, from Fine Touch on Money Cat Records. Available through and


New record out on my label from Russian/Italian couple Ma Sha Ru w/ a Lechuga Zafiro remix!


made another dakim video joint


some 160+ bpm stuff



Submersion - Traversal

01 Traversal 8:01
02 Envelopment 8:02
03 Traversal (Stratum) 8:03
04 Envelopment (Stratum) 8:04
05 Stratum (Reprocess) 32:05


Field Recordings:

Gray Sky (1/19) 30°F
Snowstorm (1/19) 28°F
Windstorm (2/19) 33°F
Thunderstorm (3/16)
Thunderstorm (4/13)
Hurricane (10/12)
Trees (10/12)
Sojourner’s Lodge, Cicadas at Dusk (7/11)
Thunderstorm (4/11)

W/P January - April 2019

Stratum (Reprocess) is an ambient reprise of the previous tracks.


My debut EP as Damian Concrete, Yoraperla, has been released on Mouvance Sonore Records. It’s kind of IDM, but with a techno feel, and some breakbeats… Well I’m not that good at describing my own music… Maybe it’s better if you have a listen yourself :slight_smile: I hope you’ll like it!




CPU are giving away a brand new Behringer TD-3-RD.

Just sign up to the CPU mailing list and tell us your favourite CPU release.

Winner will be announced on 1st February 2020.


140bpm techno / uk bass sorta thing:





my first album :slight_smile:


Hello all, this is my first post here and I really love that I finally found a community with similar tastes in music as me. If you like ambient breakbeat, this is my latest song in the genre :smile: