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Versatile A/V artist and producer based between Riga and Berlin, N1L intersects eclectic “club” music experiments with post-industrial psychedelia and intense alien soundscapes. Having recently been focused on independent self-publishing, his previous releases have also been put out by acclaimed labels such as UIQ, Opal Tapes, among others.

ПОТОП (“potop”, or deluge in Russian) presents seven pieces encapsulating dark apocalyptic themes, each setting the scene for a disorientating sonic landscape that references the genesis flood narrative found in the world’s ancient mythologies. Centered on Earth’s return to a pre-anthropocene state of watery chaos, this allegory illustrates both punishment for man’s mortal sins as well as new beginnings born from the washing away of everything that has reached its final, obsolete stage — the message of which is increasingly relevant today.

Release date: September 15th, 2019


  1. потоп
  2. fang mark semantics
  3. 8bit telekinesis
  4. reality distortion field
  5. cracks in the monolith
  6. disrupt the karmic cycle
  7. universal cannibalism of the sea


I am a Producer living in the East Bay, I have shared lineups with a wide variety of extremely talented individuals including Koufar, Xome, Stacian, Galacher Lustwerk, Las Sucias, Dax Pierson, and more. I aim at experimenting with the connections between Noise, Techno, Power Electronics, Dembow and Sampling.

“Like Grains Of Sand” is a sort of tribute to Samuel Delaney. Dark Ambient, Techno, “Club” and Noise intersect to attempt to create a sonic retelling of some of my favorite Science Fiction.


1.Rydra and The Butcher 06:03
2.Stars In My Pocket 04:22
3.The Discorporate Sector 05:23
4.Thirteen To Centaurus 05:19
5.Times Square Red 06:20


In 2017, System80 released their JOVE filter for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. JOVE was inspired directly by the unique multimode filter of the Roland Jupiter-6 Polyphonic Synthesizer, released in 1983. By dynamically switching its topology, the Jupiter-6 filter offered modes uncommon in nearly all other Roland filters of that era. JOVE was lauded for making a classic and great sounding filter available in Eurorack.

The CPU filter is a special edition of JOVE born out of feedback from the original module, retaining the key functionality and sound of JOVE but occupying 8 HP instead of the original’s 14 HP.


4 modes: 24 dB low pass, 12 dB low pass, band pass and high pass
2 audio inputs, one log attenuated and one non-attenuated
2 frequency CV inputs, one non-attenuated unipolar input and one attenuated input
1 resonance CV input, non-attenuated
8 HP, 32 MM deep

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the pie man of edinburgh

Shleekit Doss AlbumSHLEEKIT


Yeah !! Class track !!


lol is that the official video?


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Hello, I’ve dropped a track as Bit Cloudy today, Temple Deadbeat.There’s some creamy organs, synth harp, bass and beats in there. x


Fantastic EP you made here. Missed it somehow !


Thought people here would enjoy this!


nice. Reminds me of old Medeleyev.


After two years of hard work, we release our first album as Sons of Achab: Fake Land Memories. In this album, we take you to an oneiric journey to the edge of imaginary lands coming from science-fiction works.There, hard rhythms and ethereal synths mingles, to evokes the contrasts of futuristic tales, between progress and dystopia.

Available (digital) on Bandcamp on our label Pamenides Records. This is full auto-produced, so we need your help to share this album as much as you can! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, me and my friends realized a clip, i made the music and acted.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.


ho ! thanks mate !! :pray::heart: :slight_smile:


So, I made an EP for a friend who passed away and then somehow FACT got a hold of it and now suddenly this incredibly weird, slightly sad exploration of the different genres she loved has become one of my best-known works? The universe is weird. Hope u enjoy this, though <3


‘Break In The Line’, the debut EP from NY/Berlin experimental pop duo ADORE ADORE, is out today on 48k. Four tracks from the edges of pop about love, growth, and catharsis.


  1. Heal Myself
  2. Friday
  3. Emotional Rescue
  4. Break In The Line

Buy / stream here
We really love this record and are super excited to bring it to you today <3


New one on the label, out now

"Nikki Nair is having a fine 2019. Well-known in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee - since 2014 he has been part of the TEKNOX crew, a collective who put on free, community-oriented dance events in the city - Nair has spread his wings in the past few months. Having already issued EPs through TRAM Planet, Discovery and Scuffed this year, Nair now debuts on Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper Records with the Morphism EP.

Nair’s previous releases have taken in L.I.E.S.-esque freakbeat, rhythmic noise, elegant deep house and experimental techno. All of these styles are in the mix on Morphism, and Nair himself says that this is another record which has been made ‘with big soundsystems in mind’. However, Morphism also finds the producer making some intriguing left turns, coming up with edge-of-the-dancefloor explorations that align with the output of labels like Where To Now? and Don’t Be Afraid.

All of the tracks here are built around human voice sounds, and sometimes the original words are easy to discern. Opener ‘David’ syncs up the phrases ‘Clint Eastwood’ and ‘I want to go out west and shoot guns’ with a beat that sounds like Matmos attempting to recreate Björk’s ‘Human Behaviour’. ‘Joan’ features a female vocal repeating the word ‘always’ over a dubbed-out polyrhythmic production that draws from the Batida and Kuduro sounds of Lisbon’s Príncipe imprint. It is in these moments that Nikki Nair most closely resembles Gobstopper’s previous release, BFTT’s Versioning EP.

The times when vocals become harder to discern are also the times when Morphism delivers its hardest-hitting tracks. This is no coincidence - Nair says that, to him, the record’s title ‘refers to the way the sounds and voices become something else when they get chopped and modulated in the track, the soundsystem in a room, or the listener’s brain.’ As such, it’s no surprise to find Morphism’s most abstract vocalisations paired with club-friendly rhythms. ‘Low Dimension’ sees Nair degrade his vocals to an overdriven bark, an effect that works well with the ghettotech-influenced drum programming. ‘Animals’ has some reedy harmonies hovering over a snapping electro groove. On closer ‘Free Kites’ vocals are used to fog up the beat, the highly processed singing (think Thom Yorke in Kid A mode) washing over a crisp four-on-the-floor.

A set of idiosyncratic, voice-led soundsystem experiments, Nikki Nair’s Morphism EP is the possibly the producer’s most unique release to date."


A new split tape I put out with my mate a while back




  1. Forgetful
  2. Black Box
  3. Nowhere Like It
  4. Another Human Brain
  5. Dog in a Kennel

Something Curated Interview:


New track from me, St Lucian Dollars

I’m an admirer of gold panda, clark, lusine and chrome sparks