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4th collab between me and Lukann, entitled El Rio Abajo El Rio

hope you enjoy

3 previous are:
Always Already
draught jiggling
How To Habitate The Already


New release from Haich Ber Na (formerly Haich) - it’s a dark and sinister electronic track that’s super immersive!

Called ‘Nowhere Like It’ from his upcoming EP ‘Everywhere’s Home’


On Boiler Room’s 4:3 :


ace one this one :heart_eyes: !


yeah, surprisingly calm and abordable footwork from lord dak, long composition with environemental recorded variations, careless tranquility listening (also) works

I think dakim is about to play soon at the last beat soup with the extended family for Ras G


Yo five-five-fivers. Been lurking here for a couple of months, enjoying so much dope music from here!

Thought I should share an EP of my own released last winter:

Live analog approach, a bit genre agnostic but influenced by the vibes of Max Graef, Daphni, quirky IDM and big beat-ish sound.



for my friend’s kanye remix mixtape, sneak preview for yall :sweat_smile: :shushing_face:


Just released the first single of my new electronic/dub/post-punk inspired project called “ctrlR”.

The initial idea I had for this project was to create a vision of 21st century post-punk, that drew from modern club and experimental sounds (ie: grime, footwork, et al) rather than the dated retro pastiche most people fall back on.

These are vocal oriented tracks and not club bangers/heady instrumentals so keep that in mind if you take a listen. Picture an American Mark E. Smith let loose with a cracked copy of Ableton and a copy of Bangs and Works instead of a guitar and a love for the Velvet Underground and you’ll start to get the picture.

Also, I am still an amateur at production so any tips/tricks/pointers would be nice. Safe


Released a track on SoulFeeder’s compilation EAposting #4. Did the master as well, hope you guys like it!

Great platform and community btw, for avantgarde music, leftfield, club-inspired, soundscapes, etc. Check them out!


My label has a release from Rochester producer Tony G coming out on Sept 4th and Hyponik premiered this single from it today. Breakbeat remix from Brooklyn mainstay MoMa Ready.


I have a new EP dropping tomorrow. Here’s a preview :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Few month ago (before I joined this forum), I released 2 tracks on a various EP on the french small but quality label Pærer.

  • 9 years, sweet
  • Modern Civilisation Collapse

Available in 12" vinyl almost everywhere for those who might be interested :

And more…

You can listen to my tracks on my soundcloud too :

Thanks for your attention :pray: :heart:


Thanks - Modern Civilisation Collapse is lush


Thanks :heart: Glad you like it !!


got all my stuff free on my bandcamp for a day or two. give it a listen if you never have, you might be into it? download and share with friends later, it’s all good. it’s some fast beats and some soft ambience and all sorts of weirdness in between.


Fantastic forthcoming release of PESSIMIST collaborating with Loop Faction under the moniker Boreal Massif.

Strong music and strong ideas about climate change. Deep, smart, intense and cosmic vibes there !!


Hett - ‘Lightness’

I just released an album under my Hett moniker. I would be delighted if you could take a listen:



as a fellow nerd, I love this stuff


just put out a varied ep of sorts that I wrote a few yrs back (parts house, hip hop beats, jungle, etc), but finally went back and cleaned up

thanks for your time!


Getting close to finishing up this little album. In the world of the Tim Hecker’s/Ben Frost’s/Maria w Horn/Dedekind Cut’s. Trying to get some ears on this see how people are feeling on it. Appreciate any input.

Thanks as always