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4th collab between me and Lukann, entitled El Rio Abajo El Rio

hope you enjoy

3 previous are:
Always Already
draught jiggling
How To Habitate The Already


New release from Haich Ber Na (formerly Haich) - it’s a dark and sinister electronic track that’s super immersive!

Called ‘Nowhere Like It’ from his upcoming EP ‘Everywhere’s Home’


On Boiler Room’s 4:3 :


ace one this one :heart_eyes: !


yeah, surprisingly calm and abordable footwork from lord dak, long composition with environemental recorded variations, careless tranquility listening (also) works

I think dakim is about to play soon at the last beat soup with the extended family for Ras G


Yo five-five-fivers. Been lurking here for a couple of months, enjoying so much dope music from here!

Thought I should share an EP of my own released last winter:

Live analog approach, a bit genre agnostic but influenced by the vibes of Max Graef, Daphni, quirky IDM and big beat-ish sound.