Production & Promo


put out a new album. noisy ambient weird beats and quiet pretty stuff sometimes


I know stats are lame but I hit 50,000 plays on SC and I think that’s kind of a nice milestone. So here’s a new one that I’ve decided to give away for free. Hope you like it!


For fans of 2814, OPN early stuff, Jon Hassell + Brian Eno, Not Not Fun and even italian library music such as Biologia Marina or Egisto Macchi’s Il Deserto.

Preorder here:


short beat tape of experimental hiphop/electronic tracks
thanks for listening.


It’s mad how people make all different kinds of music.


Very textural but rave-influenced track I made for Biodiversita Records.

Full album, also for download over here:



Hey, if you’re still looking to get your project mastered, feel free to hit me up :slight_smile:

Got a couple of nice analog units in the studio I work at. Send me a message if you’re interested.