Production & Promo


put out a new album. noisy ambient weird beats and quiet pretty stuff sometimes


I know stats are lame but I hit 50,000 plays on SC and I think that’s kind of a nice milestone. So here’s a new one that I’ve decided to give away for free. Hope you like it!


For fans of 2814, OPN early stuff, Jon Hassell + Brian Eno, Not Not Fun and even italian library music such as Biologia Marina or Egisto Macchi’s Il Deserto.

Preorder here:


short beat tape of experimental hiphop/electronic tracks
thanks for listening.


It’s mad how people make all different kinds of music.


Very textural but rave-influenced track I made for Biodiversita Records.

Full album, also for download over here:



Hey, if you’re still looking to get your project mastered, feel free to hit me up :slight_smile:

Got a couple of nice analog units in the studio I work at. Send me a message if you’re interested.


Too much music since last time I was visiting these forums :weary::exploding_head:

Even not expecting any feedback or :moneybag: I believe that some people could enjoy it anyway,

(full streamings are on the description)

Let see if I remember to come here often


ii released this last year on me bandcamp & its on spotify but never really shared it anywhere ! <3
sounds different to my usual releases, I’m interested to know what people think! nice 1 :smiley:



This is the last of my old self

New intentions are set.


Made some songs. First thing I’ve ever “released,” thoughts/feelings/feedback appreciated!


New single we just put out on Sorry Records from Tony G

Premiere via MoMa Ready’s Haus of Altr

“wild ass track that touches on something we’re all too familiar with.”

hmu if you DJ and want a promo DL


Hi all!
I’m a producer from Lusaka, Zambia - making music under the name, SHE Spells Doom.
Here’s my “Neon Death” EP that came out on Monstart (a French label) in May.

BONUS: Here’s a video of “Death Screen”, off the EP.


Nice one, feeling Vega Tool especially


Really appreciate that. Thanks so much!! :pray:t6:


v nice work dude
i really enjoy the 2nd track especially!


Notes from the artist:
When I was a child I lived in a small house on the outskirts of a small village in Sardinia.
The house was located 100 meters from the countryside (close San Gavino Monreale castle).
I spent my whole childhood playing and exploring all these uninhabited places, sometimes there were dangers but the love for nature was much stronger.
This song and its artwork reflect those beautiful moments spent with my dearest and old friends in those magnificent places where human beings have not yet built anything.


I’ve recently released an EP on the sister label of Dement3d records: Dement3dXXX.

It coincides with me deciding to present my muaic under my real name, rather than using a pseudonym and shows a broader spectrum of what i’ve released until now.

It ended up in the hands of djs like Batu, Francois X, Cosmin TRG, Ivan Smagghe, Darwin or Lucy. I hope it could find ears liking it here.


another dakim new alias for footwork based gems on ddust mastered by Fumitake Tamura aka Bun