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Not sure what genre I’d call this:


New video I made for my latest Rosalía Remix “De Aquí No Sales”.

:warning: EXPLICIT CONTENT :warning:

Rosalía - De Aquí No Sales (E.T.M. Remix)




Link to release:

1.Neural Uberization
2.Neural Uberization (GYUR version)
3.Neural Uberization II
4.Neural Uberization (Via App’s Roadkill)

Twofold piece “Neural Uberization” by N1L (UIQ, Opal Tapes)
+reworks by NYC’s Via App ( PTP, BANK Records )
and GYUR (Eternal) based in Lisbon.
OUT NOW.:alien:


Check out the new CPU Long Sleeve Tonal T-shirt.

Black print on black garment with CPU Label detail. These are super soft high quality Continental EP01L unisex long sleeve t-shirts.



“Eunuch Horn”
150bpm. Free download.

This did have a horn part, but it got cut!



Current Moodboard

SDEM - ‘Index Hole’ 12" vinyl + digital out now on CPU.

OUT TODAY /// NewMusic

Completely disillusioned with music as a whole right now, So posted this old track to try and make me feel apart of the scene again two nights Back


The last couple ‘beats’ before I buckle down and start producing DnB and garage.

I reckon when I get to the 10th playlist post I’ll start turning heads. But for now enjoy a nice heavy beat and a beat for smoking a big fat zoot.


The rhythm is addictive man. drums are perfect, melodies are smooth, vocals are bliss.

I can imagine this in a club midway through a set, a sort of break.
Maybe try different textures and undertones to bring out certain aspects of the track.


Got a newwwww track done :slight_smile: Free download too. My remix of Secundus’s Ali Gold Chain fet Popplio and the mighty M.I.C.







dope record :star_struck:



Introducing SORRY TRAX VOL 1 :boom:
…an all purpose dance floor demolition kit fully loaded with all the rave missiles, DJ tools, and bootleg fireworks you need to move those butts at a moment’s notice.

Featuring trax from DRUMMy, Tony G, Stick Figure, Cranklin, and Malik Hendricks, SORRY TRAX VOL 1 is the label’s first ever V/A release and the inaugural installment in a new series of club-oriented trackpacks from Sorry Records.

Les Yeux Orange premiered the first single today! Hope y’all dig it.


Listen to Ariel!!


Music For Sleep - Infinite Tape Loops: The Edge

fans of Brian Eno, W. Basinski will love this release


Hey all,

can anyone point me in the direction towards an analog-based mastering engineer?

I am working on my first full length and being that its experimental / multi-timbrel, i would love to have it run through some quality mastering gear to give it as much color as possible :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Lewis at Stardelta (UK) is one of the best on the planet but mastering gear is designed to be transparent, not to add colour, quite the opposite. You need to make sure any colour/flavour/secret sauce is already in there long before mastering which in most cases is just setting the dynamic range and eq’ing out the room it was mixed in.


Thank you so much!

And thank you for your insight - I’ve been under the impression that the mastering phase was a process that glues the individual tracks of an album together. I was also of the mind that the circuitry and behavior of analog signal processing added a sort of sonic seasoning lol

I’ll definitely be reaching out to Stardelta :slight_smile:


B O M B A. dope production :sunglasses: