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I’m currently Spring cleaning/putting up old music.

Here’s a 24min minimalist thing:


\ here’s an experimental gabber/idm/tekno bit \

&& a pretty visceral nfn quin remix x terrorcore style


New EP from me, left field electronic bullshit from my bedroom made mostly in the box on ableton x




You’ve been producing for just over a year?!? Holy shit dude I could barely turn my sampler on after a year. Mixes could use a bit of work but musically great stuff, can’t wait to hear what you’re doing after 5 years, big up!


Kirk put me on to your stuff, this is lush!


Thank you man means lot!!! Got some new stuff coming out soon under a new name and design as well, want me to link you to it when I post it?



(90 traxx)

assortment of demos/trax/bootleg mixes/dj mixes/etc ranging from Ableton to Live Hardware ///// spanning the career ov @astrofolk from 2015 until now :3 i’m in a financially funked situation bc i’m having to shell out some money for my mom’s diabetic meds and since i’ve left the city i’ve been isolated from music makers and am without the agency to network and sell my designs/art/music like normal lmao…

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@astrofolk - xXx_GABBATEK_HxC_JUKE_ACID GIGAPAK_xXx [b1t001] (2016-2019)!jtwCkAIR!uADeFaxF0Sg9nTe96LOCbQ…gf1j7DF-ZMkADV3T



May 31st
2xLP / Magenta and Green colour vinyl

01 Belgian Entrance
02 SP4NN3R3D
03 Memory Lake
04 Ardkore Dolphin
05 Fahrenheit 451
06 Vortex 150
07 Levitation
08 Fett
09 A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere