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fuckin love this, "Zulu Marimbou (Tool)’ is my fav


Poems by Purl, Wanderwelle, Segue, Mind over MIDI, Stray Theories, Lingua Lustra, Docetism and Rhucle…


This is a belting EP!


Latest thing I’ve put on my soundcloud:


We’re releasing the first album of my new project VOID in a month. Here a preview:


My latest track…!


Here’s my first EP “Anxiety”. I’d like to call what I make afrofuturism but would love to hear what u guys think it sounds like.


incredible sound design, sir!
gave ya a follow on sc ~


Hello everyone, this is out today:

The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor
Contemporary Protest Music

A howl of rage at the current state of UK politics. 4 tracks inspired by the ritualistic/polyrhythmic clatter of protest marches and rallies.

Free / pay what you like, but any profits donated to my local food bank:

I’m the label and artist, hence posting here rather than in the other out now thread.





Good to hear, thanks a lot (:


hello everyone! I’m new here so wanted to share my latest release.

nice to be here :smiley:


Amazing stuff, really like the crossover of the fragmented melodies and moisty timbres. Keep it going


If you like Basinski…


@jakoby I listen to your Health release quite a lot and have the new one wishlisted :slight_smile:


Been producing for just over a year now, massively influenced by electronic, experimental producers as well as hip hop, DnB and house producers.

My latest EP, III has just been posted up on soundcloud, It would mean a lot if you spent a few minutes of your day to check it out and maybe even some of my older stuff. Feedback is more than welcome, good and bad!


New Tracks Thread

hey this is my latest techno track


New track from Sons of Achab. Tribal atmosphere, contemplative pads, martial bass lines… I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


very gabber track. pretty metal too if you ask me lol

any listen is appreciated <3