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Hey could not listen to all but there is some awesome stuff!! Been here listening for a while :slight_smile:
Here are a couple of live sessions from home, bit of errors here and there but I’m liking it so far.


Great stuff, cool you’re on Orange Milk Records!


Excerpt from a liveset some months ago


Is there a heaven?


something i worked on between last September-December while going through some turbulent times. its inspired by the current industrialized waves of club and ambient coming out of Houston Shanghai, and the film work of Denis Villeneuve.


There are some nice tracks on this thread! I’ll add some of my latest work, I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


Just let this loose. A remix of a friend’s (very different) track; hope it tickles some ears.


Work in progress, intro for a longer textural/clubby set.


New release by Brendon Moeller (Beat Pharmacy) - 7 inch vinyl



Decided to get in on some dirty self promo.

Late last year I was super fortunate to release a double LP on London label Brokntoys.

I’ve stuck the digi’s up on my own bandcamp with some older releases and vinyl only bits including the record I did for Firecrackers sublabel Unthank. Go dig through Brokntoys back catalogue if you are into electro and acid tho, one of the best labels about, lovely to work with!

Will be upping a whole lot of material I can’t justify trying to put out on vinyl/physically this year if you are a bandcamp user, started with a 10 track electro and acid EP this week you can find up here. Will be interesting to see how the bandcamp route goes and grows.

HMU if you guys want some discount codes for any of these and I’ll send em yr way, been looking for a bit of a online place to blab about music off the usual socials, will keep an eye about


heres a mix. 555 exclusive! only for yall. music for scrolling 555 to


I’ve got a fresh piece of building society advert step out:


First release from Sci-Bass Recordings. The label is going to cover a variety of tempos and styles, usually with a sci-fi / harder edge to things.


damn… ‘binary’ is a true devastator !!

really enjoyed this release, and am eager to hear more ★彡


Glad to hear you like it, there is a lot of releases to come this year. Aiming to release a double A-side around every 6 weeks.


a collab by myself and a friend, some isolation tank style ambience kinda like exael or uon


Did a video for my new release:


this is a thumper mate!



Bandcamp page