Production & Promo



Had a track come out on a Comp yesterday with some other cool dudes if anyone wants to peep some heavy breaks and spacey acid sounds.


Agreed, definitely all about this one!


following parisian screening of my second film, here is a new cut

Uninstable Defragmentage



@Lliesse what is the track that starts at 18:07?


@criminiminal eesh my fav.! it’s dakim - homes 11



any djs out there

sending upcoming release out for mixes/to play live etc.

stream here if u would like the files



Trés trippy, mais trés cool :sunglasses:

What came first, the video or the sound?


work in progress!
would love opinions :slight_smile:


Did an edit of Taylor Swift! Feedback appreciated :-))


sounds, looong before :slight_smile:


New stuff from former Studio Barnhus alumni Your Planet Is Next out in 2 weeks on italian label Mixed Up, RIYL early Warp’s LFO/Sweet Exorcist, Soundstream, Helena Hauff


molten smile is a banger


yeah mate - it rocks


Really cool! Maybe a little bit smashed on the master, but I get why that may be intentional… I’d probably still tame it, give it a bit more of that Maya Jane Cole feel


That doesn’t even look like Taylor Swift. Is this like the Avril Lavigne scenario all over again?

Make it funky.


original not so original medieval hip hop soundscape video game nostalgia for your ears


Thank you ! the smashing was intentional haha


I really like the way this is mixed. so much crunch and snap to the transients