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Nice work! Left a comment and chucked a follow :slight_smile:


You’re very confused and may need help


thanks for checking it out, check out the OST i sent your way, i want to hear that monkey island remix


ha, so christmas is coming and why not share the old tune wth @dinosaurcamera and all the 555-5555-members.
i found out that my old reason doesn’t open properly so i just adjusted some leveling of the old mp3. hopefully there is more bass now.


@Medulasa this is rad. love Redman… :slight_smile:


+1 appreciate you posting this!


Great Ambient project, for fans of Steve Roach, William Basinski, Sylvian!

You should consider to support it directly on Patreon:
(for just 1$ (0,88€) for month you’ll get some great stuff like this)


hi everyone :slight_smile: long time reader first time poster.

just wanted to share my record “dysplazia” that came out a few years ago on Type



tysm ytem, i’ve been searching for this!


it’s really good!
keep going up that ass, it sounds like u got gold in ur colon :dizzy:



plz listen if u like laptop pop :sparkles:


Heres my 1st EP
2nd posted a bit above
happy for any feedback :raised_hands:


This seems to be the opinion of about 1/3 of people who hear this track, the other 2/3 think it’s pretty neat. I think I agree with you tho.


This whole forum is dope. Just spend a bit more time than I should have listening and reading. So many posts where I’m thinking, “where the hell has THIS been hiding??”

Anyway. Curious what you all think about the music I make.

here’s one instrumental:

and one with a vocal:


dude you gots to include this one


Thanks! I didn’t want to over post. Maybe this is why I’m not so great at promoting my music…


we are the music makers… (sensitive artists)



I recently made an ebm/techno edit from the original Escape From The Glass Tower.
It is available as a free download through here:


I hope that you like it,

‘‘A quiet early morning in the heart of the modern world. I am looking through the cold glass over the horizon and sensing the tension that the day will bring. A tension generated from cruel attitudes and material values. This is an edit to the original Escape From The Glass Tower, a revisit to the pursuit of happiness found in contemporary mausoleums. Press play to start.’’



A/V - 555-55555 YT videos
Who wants to have promo-files and/or trading physical releases?