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I released this a few months ago now, it’s still probably one of my favourite things I’ve done as of recent - lots of maximalism if any of you like that sort of thing : >



There is a latent unfamiliarity in Nature that moves, which runs through the deepest fissures of our own uncertainties and claims the artifacts we extract from it. “Seiva”, the new EP by azul-revolto, is engulfed in naturalistic mysteries and caustic broken rhythms, electronically exposing the submerged and vigilant roots of organic sounds. Promptly it leads us across a ritualistic and melodic beat into our own body’s confrontation place: the dance floor.

In this EP azul-revolto touches absolute dominance of the natural order and of all the forces that work the Universe over Man - the only being that doesn’t dominate itself - where under its skin the sap (“Seiva”) will boil and a new undiscovered Nature will open up.


hi there. posting my recent track. thanks :upside_down_face:


Hey! Finally found some time to record this.

Here more info:


really love all the layers and overall flow of this trk


hey all, workin on another one here:

trying to get more drones to stay put and still work in the track


remixed this one, made the bass waaay more prominent


Hawt tune! Very nice


We love the whole 555 fam and want to share our free tape with y’all. Hope you dig it.


Hi 555ers!
Have released this 2nd EP finally.
Love, hate, critique welcome :upside_down_face:


Whoa, this first track is sick man! For some reason it’s not letting me get onto it on SoundCloud to leave comments but I’m fucking digging it!

Dude a heads up, for all other music makers here too, make sure you’re putting your metadata on your tracks or AT LEAST your artist name. I just downloaded your first track and the file name doesn’t have your artist name in. Massive NO NO. I work for a music company (we deal with a lot of sync placements) and we manage thousands of tracks a day, a big rule for us is if the correct information isn’t in the metadata, you’re going to be missing opportunities.


the meta data isnt included and you couldnt access on soundcloud because the tracks are set to private for the time being; either until I release them independently or through a label. They’re basically up as demos for feedback/submission.
thank you so much for the kind words and wisdom - i’ll make sure to follow that advice :slight_smile:


That was really cool man and great production in the use of space and depth.


There’s a lot of 303-esque squish going on in this forum! Good news :sunglasses:


Hi Peeps,

I have been experimenting with 6/4 time signature recently and also trying to find a fine melting point between Techno, IDM, Braindance, Breakcore, Ambient and Electronica.I’m pretty convinced today that I have finally found / done it. Here is the result to share. If you like it, please share / spread the word! Any feedback(s) are more than welcome. :slight_smile: Cheers.


Hey everyone! I just put out this unofficial remix of Jamie XX - Sleep Sound

Let me know what you think! The original is probably one of my favorite songs of all time tbh


‘I Could Go Lucid’ is about an instant of awareness in which I realise I could have the chance to create an astonishing reality, if only I could keep consciousness while dreaming, for more than an ephemeral moment. Lucid dreams mean to me a chance to create perfection as I feel they release the power of imagination in its whole potential. Imagination becomes matter to interact with. It’s the brain’ s virtual reality, the off limits oneiric one. As well as in dreams, also in the in musical creative process I perceive a certain amount of surreal content, and it too links with imagination and with the act of materialising ideas. For this reason I am currently experimenting through improvisation, in a journey between surrealism, expressionism and situationist drift. I try to let ideas flow, so my will subordinates to accidents and emotions. I become an explorer or a traveller with an uncertain destination. This atmosphere has resulted in a creation of six pieces in which the priority is simply to keep the integrity of the original idea itself. Nothing has been planned nor post-produced.


some good, interesting work here.
all the best for the relaease.


I made the absolute dumbest music you’ll probably all ever hear on this board. Heavy, heavy beats, Coolio, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit samples. I’m ABSURDLY proud of it


original not so original jungle dnb video game nostalgia music for your ears

Bits by Dinosaur Camera

PS do you think i can post this to Video Game Soundtracks