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Hey guys! Not posted in here as of yet, but posted a new tune on my SoundCloud a couple of days ago I thought you may appreciate.

Keen to hear your thoughts - will be watching from here so will hopefully get email notifications so I can comment on all of your tasty music too!


A Series of “Soundtracked” Videos made by me

I hope you like it :blush:


Very cool! I often feel the connection between what I’m watching through a train window and what I’m listening to in my earphones. Nice to put them together. Reminds me of ‘Star Guitar’ video by Chem Bros.


Hey everyone! I just released my first independent EP under a new persona that I am a part of! I have made a lot of music in the past but this is a melodic techno group of 4 producers and djs from around the world that I had the honor of being a part of! Any and all feedback is appreciated, good or bad! We have a couple more EP’s lined up for the upcoming months if you are interested!

Thanks for listening!


Loving gallium!!!

Chucked a like and follow on SC :slight_smile:


New single from the electronic musician base in Lisbon azul-revolto, UNÇÃO.

from SEIVA EP.

Video directed by João Pedro Fonseca


Thank you! I really appreciate it!


New Track. Also available on soundcloud too


Late one October night, a freak accident occurred in Tony’s lab. One slip, a nasty fall, and violent mutation or two later, the man known as Tony G was no more. In a chemical haze of Jack, ACID TONY was born!
Sorry Records is happy to announce the release of Bushwick based producer Tony G’s ACID TONY EP, a frenzy-inducing collection of cuts for the spookiest of dance floors.

Mastered with love by M. Vaughan (Super Tuff Records), the EP kicks off with “Tony’s Acid” on the A side, eleven and a half minutes of club fury built around Mr. Oizo reminiscent synths and a warped sample of label mates and Miami Bass queens Basside. Anchoring the EP, “Jaya’s Acid” is a breakneck tour through a Haunted House of Jack, combining bits of soulful RnB vocals with crackling synth oscillations akin to Legowelt. Landing smoother than its takeoff, the EP dismounts with a lush deep house remix by Brooklyn’s great Malik Hendricks fresh off his knockout 2018 12”s for Bumpin’ Somethin’ Records and Money Cat Records.



hey guys, i would love some feedback on this slower track i’m working on!


@sedenion love this. really lovely harmony. (to me) it’s screaming for a big juicy bassline to drive the emotion home. the chirps and scrapes are a little much but you’ve done a good job creating movement with the panning and dynamics…in my opinion, there’s some room here to create some subtle syncopation if you attenuated completely at key times.


thanks! i am working on something similar right now where i am trying to incorporate both of those elements. honestly the only thing really preventing me from doing the same to this was the challenge of keeping the mix intelligible. i’ll give it a go though, and see if i can bring some elements way down to make room, really appreciate the real feedback. i think i should probably drop the ‘scrapes’ down a couple dbs since i’ve been hearing that from pretty much everyone


yeah, the crazy thing is that it might sound totally fine on your rig and you would just never know unless you A/B-tested multiple speaker setups :slight_smile:


Just a thought guys… All of the successful production/promos I was a part of (DSF, FGF etc) - we all supported each other by making an effort to actually give feedback as well as posting our own music. Beyond that, we actually supported each other by leaving comments and likes on SoundCloud to boost our stats. That doesn’t seem to be going on in my experience here yet.

I also miss being able to put my SoundCloud track in my signature :frowning: that used to really improve our SC rank back in the day.


Completely essential. Good monitor headphones for A/B testing usually do the trick. Alternatively, listen to your mix in mono and anything unbalanced usually has a habit of popping right out!

EDIT: although, I didn’t think the scrapes were too loud, personally.


Left a couple of comments and liked :+1:


hey 555 peeps
havent put out music in a year and put together a few tracks ive been working on for consideration.
havent seen a thread of up n coming labels to send these to - maybe you could help?
any feedback would b greatly appreciated :thought_balloon:


I’ve shared another track on SC ahead of my EP release this Friday
I also threw together a video for it
thanks if you get a chance to listen good people pf 555-5555


Check out they handle music promo and have the freshest artists booming through