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its some dead zoophile site (i think its dead) so yes just being wasteful



Sorry Records presents…

The brand new single from Cranklin
featuring Tony G’s extended House remix “Tony G’s Big City Mix.”

Stream + Download:
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sometimes I’m curious what kind of music other people from the forum are doing. so i was a bit naive when i clicked the link … guess it was the most disturbing milliseconds i had in the last months or even years … :flushed:


Had some kind of meltdown recently about getting older and not uploading music. Gonna start sharing stuff online again


@Naeth this is class! has this been released with a label? a club killerrr


Hey thanks man. Nope not on a label just had it lying around. Have lot’s of stuff in the same vain I would like to have on a label tho



New track on the chillstep/downtempo side of future garage:


Hope you like this new release from Barcelona!

Nice trancey arpeggios.


hi everyone!
new sounds this friday via Orange Milk.
here a couple of excerpts -


Amazing stuff, I’m a big fan of Orange Milk Records. I really enjoy the sonic journey that is Part B, I imagine it as the cinematic backing track to a lonely ship drifting over the grid (Tron) into the bleak horizon. Could you please tell me more about how you made these with motion sensors? I saw you write that on your bandcamp/


I grab a couple of motion sensors with my hands, connected to Ableton via a Max patch. Movements are basically transformed to MIDI, which drives the synths you hear.


i have a new tape that was released this week on Reserve Matinee, a new experimental cassette label in Chicago.

Beware of The Dog Dog

used a fostex4track, drsamplesp303, iphone6s, ableton, & casiopt1 on this project
thank you for listening


btw, here is the album!


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Release date : Nov 30th

Physical pre-order :

Spotify presave : the release here:



This is killer stuff!


Hello, I’ve just released the lead track from my debut solo EP, am struggling to describe it for press purposes tbh so any feedback would be amazing.

This Spotify playlist has that and some remixes that have come out on labels (for more context)