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Self-titled LP on Thac0 Records is available today. 7 track 12" of distorted ambient/idm/noise with a digital bonus track.


A bit over a year ago I quit my job to travel to my home country for 6 months. While the travel and time off aspect was great it also gave me an opportunity to visit old music friends and places and also kick-off a long time music project which I’d never really had a name for til then. I managed to pump out 6 tunes under the PIHMS moniker and have had some spins from Emily Dust, Marcus Nasty and a couple others. Influenced mainly by UK Funky, Garage, 2 Step, Jungle, the 'nuum etc lol

Please feel free to DM for promo links.



Filter Dread’s Ambient Spirals is out now. 12" & Digital. Limited to 250 copies, cheers to those that have checked out the release so far. CD


@CORRUPT_DATA Quality stuff! Definitely going to grab a copy of the 12.



Hi guys, i m new here so I hope that i am on the right path.
Here is the last EP that I dropped on Amplify records along with Normal:

soundcloud :

Some words:
The first track from the eponymous EP release opens with an emergency alarm sample that leads to a dubstep crackly transmission. An industrialized junglist vocal takes us to a synchopated dubstep roll that is enriched by dystopian synth lines. Epic pads dissolve into the skyline and dilute in emotions of nostalgia. Then silence, preparing us for a scorching rattle of an epic soundtrack. The glass tower is hard to escape from, but not impossible.
Cannon is a dub mover that gradually evolves into a psychedelic giant organism. A looped motif is developed through a plenitude of textures, surrounded by a storm of sonic entities. The meditative earthly synth line spreads all it’s layers and manifests into an electrical current where darkness and light colide. It’s the dawn of a new day, a taste of reality.
Escapist remix by Normal Stage brings together a functional club banger. Pad stabs build an atmosphere full of profound swinging vibes. The track turns into a pulsating cloud of blended textures. The open hats are jamming along with the rough stab - chords, wrapping up an uncompromising techno outburst.


“Schorre” was recorded in 2015 in order of self-meditation, and then released on ROHS! RECORDS in 2017.
In 2018 this track has been sonically manipulated and reprocessed on tape in order to become a pure longform background soundtrack.

Thanks for listening.


Hey all!

I put out a new record a couple of weeks ago and would love some feedback/thoughts - and of course if you like it feel free to give it a share or a download!

Think glassy, bassy, soundscapey techno with big ambient influences.



An atmosphere that, by its dramaturgy, the repetition of loops, their variations,
can remind William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops



really nice EP! … love ‘‘What Frankie Said’’ :-0


i did some mental breakdown music. Digital & 7":

File under Experimental / Lo-Fi / House / Beats / Ambient / Noise / Synthesizer or find a category for yourself. :wink:


i think this is super dope, big ups for this


Thanks! But I wonder … what about the zootube-Link in your profile … it’s somewhat bizarre tbh … some spam-shit?


sounds really really nice!! thank you also for explaining some of the “background” :slight_smile:


I just wanted to share with you two Tracks I made from two videos I recorded on a train in Spain time ago,

I think the sounds match perfect the recorded videos :relaxed: I hope you enjoy them too


we are anywave and this is an extract from the studio recording session of our last ep.

Your feedback are welcome!



New track out. Sounds like Valee mixed with Throbbing Gristle.


(Loess + Lanark Artefax + Holly Herndon) / 3 in 6/4.


Just released my first EP