Jungle, D&B and breaks – what's exciting in 2018?


The new Naibu release on Warm Communications is great. I like Faux Tech best:

Spliiter EP SoundCloud


He was already mentioned here but if you haven’t, check out Skee Mask’s Compro album.
Saw him play for the first time last weekend, he had a bit of a shitty spot but still killed it.


Not really my speciality, I like jungle & hardcore but a lot of more modern D&B stuff is too clinical for me and I’ve not been able to get much stuff recently due to money stuff. With that in mind…

Enjoy Overlook who have been mentioned multiple times. Sounds a bit like Source Direct to me. This one is a particular favourite.

Slower breaks-y stuff:

Would also second the ppl recommending Ilian Tape. I’ve not got the most recent stuff (want the new Skee Mask badly) but generally very solid, functional tunes imo.


Just thought of a few others. Slow-ish, but still heavy.

And UTTU do some garage-y stuff with a breaks-y feel, but dunno if it’d be considered breakbeat music per se.

Oh and Head High / Power House are very good as well if they count as recent.


this is smooth. rest of the album a bit bland house


What just excited the pants off me was finding out that a Peshay album snuck out at the start of the month. Easily one of my favourite producers.


@Alicks funny, I guess there’s a dictate stating that bland house producers must use identical cover art…


so this episode of Top Flight went out on Tuesday : D

you can listen again for a month (might need a VPN if you’re outside EU)

in the end I could only play a fraction of the tunes I found and that you lot recommended, so I intend to play more in the coming weeks…


thanks Chal. loud and clear in the US via the Red Bull Radio mobile app…


This one is bananas


surprised to see no one has mentioned dgohn!

pinecone moonshine does an amazing job in the land of drumfunk as well


Been on an earthy percussive tip today, so these don’t necessarily fall into the ‘breaks’ categories (tho good lord, they could be sampled as such.) Been feeling the Indonesian label DIVISI62 who teamed up with Don’t DJ’s Disk label for this fantastic comp of some of the more ‘wot-u-call-it’ music I’ve heard in a second:

Also, I never gave two shits about Bambounou but his new EP is the MAD NOTES:

This Sound Voyage project (two German DJ’s travel to other countries and make music) sounds daft af, but the results are far better than one might expect:

Also, rhythmically speaking, the new Raime is out of this world (and I never liked them):

Sure y’all know the new Ploy is insane crazy fire, but seriously, the drum programming is next level…homegirl’s a wizard.


ultra smooth rollige


@E_TCH oh shit that Normal 4 track! thanks


Not yet but soon…
Due for release on Sept 7th, this is a comp of contemporary Jungle. I can’t pretend to follow this sort of thing dead closely but there’s been a few records released in the last couple of years that have made my ears prick up, this being one of them.

Soundcloud clips

"Compiled by Dead Man’s Chest and drawing from some of the freshest talent in the contemporary jungle movement, Blunted Breaks Volume 01 aims to capture & document one of the most exciting musical resurgences of the era.

Blurring the lines between future & nostalgia, Blunted Breaks is intended as a true long-player, paying homage to the roots of jungle music & it’s disparate & eclectic nature."

Looks like the physicals have already sold out as pre-orders. :confused:


That entire Calibre release is awesome. I love the Jill Scott sampling opener.


just got onto the untouchables; so good! Rhythmically on another mind-bending level


bought this EP the other day and read today it’s another Shed alias haha… he does no wrong




There’s this label from my hometown that had a good run this year. I post some of the latest releases by Defrostatica: