Jungle, D&B and breaks – what's exciting in 2018?


wouuuld anybody be so kind as to point me into early Breakage classics? I came to him quite late (when he was dipping into super fast stuff or dubstep) but he’s always highly spoken of <3




Pete Cannon is on FIRE atm…

Also ETCH has got plenty of heat on the way this year.


so what’s exciting in 2019?

i’m just super impressed by this self-released ep of Tinkah. it’s somewhere between ambient and jungle and i think you all should buy a copy :wink:


i posted some stuff here: favourite leftfield Drum & Bass / Drumfunk / Autonomic tunes

not sure if these tracks are old enough


…and a sprinkling of Stott on top :wink:

EDIT and a massive dollop of this!


just now getting into this THUGWIDOW joint…amazing


Shiken Hanzo : https://shikenhanzo.bandcamp.com/album/chronicles-volume-one. Sashimono is wild af

Also, this is another dope release of 2019 so far: https://utopiamusic.bandcamp.com/album/lateral-thinking-lp-um022


@CRK here thx for the post mate :slight_smile:

I’ll add some stuff to this topic !

First off, some personnal stuff from my new solo project

Schnell Vitesse

Then some other tunes I discovered this last few months

Those are pretty recent. For older trancy / jungle / breakbeat vibes I have those in mind (which are always with me when I’m djing :slight_smile:)

ultra classic!

and when the BPM gets slower

Enjoy !


The dudes and animal, absolutely sickening :face_vomiting:


lol yeah his drum programming is absurd…never heard anyone chop breaks like that.

just copped the latest, too! so good!


insanely next level DNB from Margari’s Kid. Bought this 12" a week ago.


This is such a great album!