Jungle, D&B and breaks – what's exciting in 2018?


(with an eye to a themed episode of my radio show plug sorry…)

so i’ve definitely noticed a decent amount of jungle and breaks stuff lately that’s inventive and not too throwbacky, but i’m not a D&B traveller by any means so i must be missing loads. TELL ME THE TUNES

my fave stuff recently has all come from Sully, what a guy
Soundboy Don’t Push Your Luck - https://boomkat.com/products/soundboy-don-t-push-your-luck-368ft-high-rising

also been into new stuff from Etch
Altered Roads Vol 1 - https://boomkat.com/products/altered-roads-vol-1

and Dead Man’s Chest
Trip II Eclipse

but the stuff i like often has a fairly big hint of throwback to it… where else should i be looking?

(sorry for lack of links it’s cos it’s my first post)


The new Artilect on Samurai Music https://samuraimusic.bandcamp.com/album/blurring-the-line and the upcoming Untouchables LP https://theuntouchables.bandcamp.com/album/mutations. Also this https://soundcloud.com/exitrecords/sets/exit077-strategy-lanterns-ep


I’ve been really loving Lisbon’s Violet this past year or so. Her label Naive is doing some super interesting stuff that you could probably call ‘breaks’ (whatever that means!) She recently played my girlfriend’s club night in Belfast and put on a great set, really varied.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Skee Mask’s recent stuff too, who I recently discovered is also SCNTST, who put out some great tracks a few years back. Think there’s a separate thread on Skee Mask’s new record Compro somewhere else on the forum!


If you wanted anything other than throwback I could help.


Sully, Om Unit, Lewis James, Sonar’s Ghost, Touchy Subject, Rua Sound/Foxy Jangle labels, Sam Binga, Detboi, Kid Lib, Tim Reaper, Forest Drive West, Fracture, Itoa, 2 Bad Mice.

Then you’ve got Skee Mask as mentioned above, and other Ilian Tape type techno that kinda blends in the breakbeat/jungle styling;, Stenny, Andrea, Shed, Answer Code Request etc

The new Blocks & Escher LP on Metalheadz pretty nice too:


oh and:


I know Tim. Good friend of mine. He has been making some really good fwd D&B, as well as the Jungle stuff, that I really like. I have a few dubs of his that are great!


Can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of the latest jungle wave music wise, still want that old Amiga jungle with shitty sampled old soundclash cassettes. But thanks to the latest wave a lot of the old expensive classics have been reissued on vinyl.

But a few new releases have found their way into my playlist:


Aegis by Aquarian and Deapmash got some serious pressure



Sully, Tim Reaper, Mark Force, Dwarde, Ilk, Kid Lib, X-Nation, Djinn, Coco Bryce… lotsa good heads out there. Labels like Foxy, Green Bay Wax, Jungle Muffin, Foundation X, Rupture, Sci Wax for all the more direct jungle stuff.

Some labels pushing it into more abstraction like Pinecone Moonshine are fucking awesome, stupidly underrated. One of my favourite labels out there for just… mad sound design and break work

Then theres this breaks/techno cross-over which I currently love, guys like as mentioned Skee Mask and the stuff on Ilian Tape and peeps like DJ Normal 4, Texstasy, Or:La, West Norwood Cassette Library, LMajor - hate to self plug coz im on the label but Sneaker Social Club are DOIIIIN STUFF, also the label Sneaker is a sub of - Hypercolour, the release they done recently with Falty DL absolutely incredible breaky house.

So yeah no shortage about!! and its all goin into different weird territories now people are getting a bit bored of your typical 4x4 club friendly stuff (or at least thats how i’m seeing it)

(oh and there will be plenty more from me :wink: )


Rumbleton is heavy. This mix from last year gives you a good idea of where he’s at. Glorious pads.

martianMan. Darkside breaks vibe

45seven records for proper dubwise jungle amongst other roots-influenced stuff.


Oh,Sneaker Social Club? Discovered that label a couple of weeks ago, nice stuff.


Yeah mate awesome label and the stufff they got planned over the year is looking incredible too.

Oh yeah completely forgot to mention MartianMan - personal favvy. Lewis James n Forest Drive West too!


Oh! You’re That Etch! Cool!

Hahaha, got 30+ scrobbles on you. Sorry for not recognizing the name. It’s getting hard with all the names these days.

I’ll have my eyes on the label, then.


eyy <3

scrobbles !

I should re-install last.fm…


It’s the only way for me to remember stuff. My e-penis is scary, over 20k artists scrobbled.

Last.fm is the stuff! Do it!


yummy breaks:


CRK - Bien Post Internet [Comic Sans 003]



Been a big fan of the dreamers record label but should also mention Halogen music, Groundmass, cosmic bridge and astrophonica as labels of interest.


BFDM is a maaaaad label. That Lauren Misogyn tune is absolute batshittttt


UAK! man like Judaah doing a phenomenal job… and J-Zbel crew are legit not from this planet