Jungle, D&B and breaks – what's exciting in 2018?


Yeah that LOFT one is insane, so so good! Our tastes seem to overlap quite a lot (massive fan of Habernam, SVN on Sued, etc.), only I’m a fan of the ‘Bone Sucka’ release too, especially the panning in the title track. Been digging the earlier Hessle releases of late too, kinda missed those when they came out, as I’m 22 now…

Since we’re talking recent faves in this area (read your post in the music writing thread), here are a few of mine:

This is the first collab of SW. and SVN outside of SUED I think (correct me if I’m wrong) and this particular track is a brilliant mix of euphoria and melancholy, and makes me think about ‘Skips Desk’ from that Pang release you posted above…

This is the other side of that SUED record, very cool 113 BPM groover.

Steevio just dropped a fantastic EP on Wisdom Teeth, including a slow and great remix by Batu.

Obvs there’s loads of great new stuff (Facta on Livity, Patina Echoes on Timedance), but for the last one I’d like to shout out the AMAZING new LP by Beta Librae, on Incienso. Fits perfectly in this UK strand of techno (just feel that low-end…)

Think we’ve kind hijacked this Jungle, D&B and breaks thread, but it’s all connected, eh?


Couple of nice new ones from Danny Scrilla, the 1st installment of 3:

some jazzy dnb coming out on Cosmic Bridge:

new Calibre album out in June:

Skee Mask playing this:


Holy shit, we do have similar tastes…just go the Steevio yesterday, been meaning to get the Beta Librae, and love me song SUED;)


Some great stuff in this thread. The new Skee Mask made me realise how much I love breaks. I think I always have, just haven’t really been able to identify it til now, and I’m sure I’ve missed a load of amazing stuff as a result. I think in the past I always associated breaks with the hyper aggressive Venetian Snares stuff which I have to be in a very particular mood to listen to. Any recommendations in the Skee Mask-ish vein would be much appreciated to stop me burning out on that record. I’ve been enjoying the new Sophia Loizou LP which Boomkat bought to my attention: https://boomkat.com/products/irregular-territories

Very intrigued to check out UVB76. That sounds exactly up my street. Also to go back to some stuff I know already like that Pangaea record with a fresh set of ears. That Special Request record from last year had some belters on it too.

In terms of mixes, this Eris Drew podcast has pretty much been on repeat


Go through the whole Ilian Tape discography haha. It’s mainly techno but with a breakbeat twinge to it. They even set up a sub-label purely to release Skee Mask tracks (Ilian Skee Series).

Also Shed and all his many aliases are along the same lines: Evil Fred, Head High, Seelow, STP, Wax, WK7


Thanks. Yeah I meant to go through the Ilian Tape discog. I got their Decade of Ilian Tape comp when it came out and enjoyed a lot of stuff from it, just failed to do much further digging.


Great thread. I love pretty much all the music posted in here.

I don’t have a whole lot to add, but Bastskia Tapes who just put out a few beats from sully, eomac and laksa (who also just popped up on illian tape) are worth checking.

Also, I think you will probably dig Wisdom Teeth and Facta and K-Lone in general (if you haven’t already).


Some of last year’s Dj Sports record had some nice junglist touches, for example:


Just seconding @Craft’s suggestions in a big way… the first three Bastakiya Tapes in particular (Sully, Eomac, Laksa) are insanity and I’m kickng myself for not getting the Eomac (got the laksa;) that new rain text has been a bit of a slog but it’s also making me want to revisit it.


Apologies if this record has already been mentioned. Not everything in the thread is loading up on my phone at the minute.

THUGWIDOW - Moons Of Jupiter


Also this from a couple of years ago. Buz Ludzha is better known as The Cyclist.

Buz Ludzha - The Jungle Tapes


Always reppin 8ball stuff from grade10


New Sully!



Just came across this tune. Sounds so unique.


Yessss had those pitched rolls @ 1:14 in my head for aaaaages from some mix. Finally coming out


Thought I had mentioned this, but guess not. Have always loved Tadd Mullinix (Dabrye, shit ton of other stuff) as he represents midwest polymath weirdos but this new one is like the album I’ve been waiting for him to make for 15, fusing his detroit and junglist backgrounds. just closed out a set with this into ‘renegade snares’ (just got a copy…cut me some slack;)

and GODDAMN I can not WAIT to get my hands on a vinyl copy of this…

No clue where I got turned onto this but a) I know it was cuz the cover art and b) I need it.


i wish a lot of this new techno end of dnb/jungle actually referenced bizzy b or bay b kane or even jack smooth when it comes to it but hey I’m in a minority. It’s like the only cat i dig on samurai is this dude out of Japan called Ena. I find all that UVB76/pessimist/overlook stuff to be like drone berlin techno in some ways, which I’m not interested in.

Anyway, for new jungle out of the more trad rave continuum knock yourself out:


Faves of the year are skee mask - dial 247 and Rezzett - worst ever contender

This thread is great bless yall, gonna listen to everything


bless this thread.

i’m gonna do an episode of my radio show all about nu-jungle/etc pretty soon, the 555 crew will get a major shout, ha

i still haven’t found anything i like more than sully mind


New Martsman on Hidden Hawaii is sick!