Jungle, D&B and breaks – what's exciting in 2018?


I personally really dig this footwork/jungle crossover which has already been around for the past few years. However, I feel like it’s not gonna age soon because it has that futuristic element to it.


Not sure who this is, but smooooth


Very much like the previous years: Ivy Lab and a bunch of off the radar tunes and ep’s from all over the place. Normally when I zoom out I see a coherent general picture, in this area I feel the opposite. Which is not necessarily a bad thing tho’


New bits up from from Bandshell are crazy really interesting stuff

Of course anything that comes from Rezzett is golden, always come back to this one though!

This one came out just before 2018 but going to slip it in anyway as i think its an important piece of listening.


YEEEEEEEES All abbout this


this playlist co-curated by 11 jungle/dnb labels is a good summary
some personal recent favourites

(if we can say its dnb)

pretty much mind blown by overlook lately



Just picked up the new Specia Request x Top Cat record.


This tune is off the charts. I’m a massive fan of what they put out over at NiceUp! easily one of my favourite labels. If you like this then I recommend the Inna NiceUp! Fashion album they put out a couple of years ago, which is where this Special Request mix originated.


Nice one, I’ve got a few of their early 7”s but haven’t seen that LP so I’ll check it out. :smiley:


+1 for Blocks & Escher LP on Metalheadz. It’s wonderful.

There’s a new release on Metalheadz too, by One Mind, which, from the clips i heard on Sunday, sound great. Very old school vibe. The label really is on form at the moment.


Some nice stuff here. Pinecone Moonshine are just too good! https://soundcloud.com/ibunshi/ibunshi-indidjinous-swamp-funk
^^Old fave
^^New label out of Leipzig; only feeling this one though, but I’ve been a fan of lxc. He runs Alphacut; they’ve always been putting out amazing d&b https://soundcloud.com/alphacut

^^Nice roller with some chopped breaks swinging in & out.

Been digging into the reinforced & moving shadow catalogue again and damn it’s so inspiring.



Shameless PLUG, but last two tunes in this recent mix of mine are modern jungle, one unreleased upsammy cut, the other Minor Science remixing Special Request.


already mentioned by a few people here but to me a lot of the best stuff that’s happening out here are on UVB-76, Rupture, and Samurai


They released a comp recently, The Fifth Column, packed with insane tracks. Also if you’ve never been to one of their nights at Corsica you’re missing out. I’ve legit met people who travel from overseas just for them.

Mantra - Nocturne

Outer Heaven - Murder

“old” one but it’s the biggest track ever released on Rupture to me

Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack (2016)


4 6 2 5 - Proles

Outer Heaven - Moonfunk
the weight at 3:50!

already posted above, Overlook - Ritual ft. Mono


Ancestral Voices (aka Indigo aka 1/2 Akkord) - Izula

The Untoucheables - Clairvoyance

Homemade Weapons - Red Herring
always minimalistic, crystal clear, surgical cuts and yet powerful


Big selection! Still need to check that Rupture compilation.


Absolutely stellar mix so far. Is there a track list?


UVB76 is one of my favorite labels as of late, I recommend listening to this mix by gremlinz


Oooh, thanks for the tip. Sound a bit like Burial goes Metalheadz (but not that Burial remix of Goldie).


Thanks! Here you go:

  1. fav club track recently: LOFT on Wisdom Teeth
  2. Amazing JAY debut on InterGraded
  3. Plastic on Thule Records, sounding a lot like Bruce imo
  4. Pantytec PERL14
  5. .xTrak remixed by Geoff White
  6. In the words of Bake All Caps: “Joe dubstep”
  7. Steevio MT01
  8. Convextion with a very niche record
  9. Apparently “Lady Science” isn’t the only cool music Soul Capsule made + those bleeps halfway through sound a lot like incoming notifications
  10. Pangaea on one of the very first Hessle Audio releases
  11. Unreleased Manmade Deejay, named after an Italian city
  12. You’ve heard this before haven’t you?
  13. Summers Gotta End Sometime (Idle Hands)
  14. Unreleased upsammy, named after a Swedish car
  15. Special Request / Minor Science HTH073


Just became aware of UVB76 recently off the back of the Pessimist album from last year.

Cheers for the link to the mix. I’m a neophyte to this stuff, enjoying everyone’s posts and suggestions.


That LOFT tho…convection always, steevio of course…

As someone who was really bummed by the uninspired “Bona Sucka” from Pangaea just left me dry, especially as I heard this new Idle Hands corker the same day:

Love to mix that into the most recent Stenny (B1).

And as far as recent Pangaea corkers go…this one is the mad notes:

Last Shed album was unfortunately igored as I LOVED it…been meaning to finish an extended edit of this bliss-out track:

I posted this in the Trilogy Tapes thread, but is worth repeating here as this is just on another level

This obviously mixes wonderfully with the above:

Now this is more like an Aphex or Dynamo style of breaks but I’m in lurv:

This is proto-broken beats with a breaky pulse…LOVE THIS TRACK;

Ever since his 2011 Hessle release, Bandshell has been pushing his distorted breakbeats into new zones:

OK, i guess that’s an ok round-up of recent stand-outs…