Hidden gems, any genre, any era


Heard this gem from the Japanease compilation, a little repetitive but very pretty.

Edit to prevent triple post; just wanted to mark a bit of appreciation for this album. its kind of like if you added dnb elements to the caretaker, really grand stuff. you may recognize “lions writing the bible” from chris morris’ dark comedy tv show ‘jam’.


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Food for animals - experimental industrial hip hop from ~2004


Not sure how hidden but just a favourite group (I would recommend their whole catalog):

And a favourite from an important transgender soul singer active in 1960’s Toronto:


This entire goddamn album is SO goddamn good. Lots of influence showing from old classic rave acts, lots of spice thrown in to keep it from being more than just a copycat “we love 90s rave” style album. Top it off with some wonderfully broken english in the lyrics and that’s one heck of a hidden gem imho


this ting came on the conservative af local radio and i almost choked on my milkshake


absolutely incredible mathrock/metal fusion album, packed to the brim with polyrhythms.


Not sure if this is hidden, but my wife dug it up and I’d never heard it. Video is ace too



I bookmarked this aaaages ago and only got 'round to listening to it now. It’s magnificent, thanks for the share!


The other music of the label Baran Records is different from Elektroherd but also very exciting. Mostly about russian synthesizer and disco music. Check out https://baranrecords.com/ and https://baranrecords.bandcamp.com/music

Some of my favorites:


This is by no means a hidden gem. The original video has over 60M views on YouTube, and it’s been out there for quite a time.


jesus, this chorus on this is sublime


The Vozmediano track bangs. Thanks my dude!


oh man, used to have a roommate who had this record, miss that guy and his collection cus of ones like this…stoked its repressed!


Forte Records 1980
Side B
Reaching For Our Star by Sharon Revoal


Most definitely there are so many hidden gems if you cruise uk white labels on discogs

got this - so much ill 2-step out there - this one is by no means hidden but maybe the youngers fell asleep

circa 2010 Funky house had so many sick white labels - Funky Must Haves II is one - not the best example but I copped this blind and it is cheeky but so so banging

And this track… I few years back I helped run sound system on a night that did B-more/club/trap and what I call ‘rumpy house’ – this track would murder the dance

gotta dig through the white labels tho


I bumped funky at NYE pre’s


damn this thread is incredible, so much good stuff.

here’s a lil contribution from me, 1984 masterpiece from Haruomi Hosono that still sounds so fresh it could have just dropped. the whole record is worth checking out.


yes!!! Hosono and the whole YMO crew are fantastic.