Hidden gems, any genre, any era


First up: The Italian Billionaires Secret Love Child, ‘Can’t Take No More But Take It Anyways’

sounds like: THC in the bath, pleasant neurotic euphoria, persistent limbo, never ending stream of unconsciousness.

That name, too…


Okok, I’ll download that shit just because of the name.


proper good one this, 8 mins and never tires, that bassline… a real post-punk/early house crossover from 1983


Cham-Pang // Tant Pis 81-82 (Tenzier)

Experimental No Wave from Montreal in the early 1980s. (A real hidden gem for fans of Minimal Wave, Blackest Ever Black, Downwards, Jealous God &c)



Local legends. When silly meets sublime. Wonderfully funny, insanely catchy and proper tight band. Worth seeing live if you’re lucky enough to live up north where they mainly perform. Features that incredibly underrated bass instrument, the tuba.


First pick: Tirestires’ “shadowdog”, an album which got a bit of notice before being removed from the internet by the creator. Very freaky loud abrasive sounds, mixed in with some bizarrely pop-fitting vocals that have also been distorted and twisted.

Second pick: “Без Всяких “Хочу”” by Владимирский Сентиментальный Салон. Very proggy, in essence. Lots of twists and turns, goes places you wouldn’t exactly expect. Lots of lyrics sung in harmonic ways only for the next line to be screeched at you. And yet, weirdly catchy overall. Oh yeah, and it has some excellent artwork (which, I’ll admit is why I first clicked on the album when I found it). If you liked that album that came out last year I think called “The White Screen”, you’ll most likely enjoy this too.


Nice find! Her voice is weirdly similar to Inga Copelands.

reminds me of days spend trawling the wfmu blog, with all the oddities and $1 bin records they posted there

which brings me to this one, which I found there years ago, the record is industrial noise for 40 mins with song titles like ‘penis’ and ‘dickhead’ and then this track is just bang in the middle


(full album post = http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2008/12/vinyl-finds-thu.html)


haha, wow, a bit of a UK Richard Cheese, this guy has a real way with words though


Woah yeah this Tirestires record is a gem, haven’t heard much quite like this. Sounds like someone tried to fax an Animal Collective record to themselves.

Totally different genre now, but the pure plunderphonics of this reminded me of the Dorine_Muraille record called Mani from '03, did you ever hear that? He dropped off after this record too, I actually messaged the guys at FatCat recently and they too said they have no idea what happened to him. Worth grabbing if you can find it.


Oh wow. It’s like what you’d get if Mouse On Mars and Oval collaborated on an album together, but only through sampling their older work. I’ll track this one down for sure, it’s gorgeous.

EDIT: Just chipping in a third album. David Kanaga’s DYAD OGST is most likely oft overlooked due to it being a pseudo-soundtrack for a (really bloody good) video game, but it very much stands on its own merits. Much as it helps to have played the game beforehand, this thing works extremely well as a standalone product. Incorporating riffs, melodies and sound effects from the game with new songs, the album is basically an hour long voyage into some wonderfully glistening music.

Epilepsy Warning (Strobe)


Thank you for this !!! Been a huge fan of Proteus and its soundtrack, had no idea this existed. It sounds like a mix between Iglooghost and Proteus, awesome !


I heavily recommend checking out the game while you’re at it. Should still be up on Steam, not sure about PS3. I usually bust it out whenever I need a break from everything to reduce anxiety, it works wonders with how strangely engaging it is.


yeah, i haven’t really been a maximalist fan for a while, but this is beautiful


I will definetely check it out !


Some dark/moody hip-hop.


Found this artist a while back, not sure if she’s done any official releases, but there’s some great stuff on her bandcamp.

That track Sunny, though. Damn.


I miss Software records :disappointed_relieved: . My old software t-shirt is starting to fade.


I wasn’t even aware it had shut down until you posted this. Damn, RIP. I still need to take a dive into their catalogue more, haven’t really properly explored about in the things they put out (aside from the one I posted and also Replica and Colonial Patterns.)


@avery also, Microstoria is kinda like if MoM and Oval made a record together…oh wait… :stuck_out_tongue:


Buddy of mine. Makes some excellent stuff.

Also, Band Ane, Danish composer. I saw her play live in Copenhagen with Lukid and the people from New Folder back in the day, and she just killed it. Mind blown.

I don’t think she’s releasing music anymore, sadly.

This guy is somewhat famous in his home country of Denmark, but largely overlooked internationally. Played one of the absolute best live sets I’ve ever seen.