Hidden gems, any genre, any era


Great stuff posted in this thread. I have absolutely no sense anymore what is considered hidden, especially around these parts, but here are some minimal-wave/post-punk/new-wave-whatever gems:


isn’t it? punctuates the rest of the album perfectly


This one is really good, been listening to this EP for a while, very heavy jazz with some electronics introduced.


I was browsing the weirdo section at SF Amoeba Music 7 years ago or so, when a friendly employee noticed my stack and made some quick, unsolicited recommendations. Thanks man, whoever you were! This one from KWJAZ stole the show. The sound quality may be lacking, but the music itself does not disappoint! Always stoked when my partner throws this one on.


This is really nice, well up my street.
I actually quite like the recording quality, the swells and the hiss suit the understated beats.


one of my most beloved summer-tunes is this:


This is gonna seem so weeb-y because of the thumbnail but honestly this Phasma song is so beautiful.


ohh shiiieeet, some1 answered my prayers :pray:


this goez hard and is pretty unique. i think its obscure

this whole albjum is pretty slick and unique too

this too, u can tell holly herndon studied it closely. either that or huge ass coincindence heh

not certain on the obscurity levels on these honestly, ill let the xperts in here decide


@dooyklydeath1 Gloss is one of my fave albums of the decade for sure. holding my breath for another from Burt; running out of air…



This is one of those random pickings from a used bin over 10 years ago…was not aware of AGF at the time, but what an introduction! So glad to find it on YT in its entirety, thanks to Antye of course!


this is the real shit out clubs any of the experimental club guys proper synaesthetic tonalities.


fave obscurities:

the freshies –Oh Girl. an absolutely bopping tune that i believe has never been reissued. lead singer later turned into frank sidebottom.

credit to the nation –Call It What You Want. there are two versions of this with their own virtues, i’ve added the unexpurgated version but the other one is definitely worth a listen. it’s a bit of early 90s uk hip-hop that samples nirvana; it did well at the time but doesn’t seem to have been remembered since.

big in japan –Nothing Special, Liverpool punk band featuring a future member of the klf

kiss amc–A bit of U2 this is a good tune and they don’t have a wikipedia page, i’d call that a hidden gem. i think their brothers were in ruthless rap assassins

and finally, microdisney–Dolly, a nice recent live version promoting, i suppose, the band’s recent reunion.



bit of yoeko kurahashi for you fine folks



Reminded myself of the wonderful works of Yuta Inoue, including his stuff under the excellent name “Death Flamingo Into The Memai”.


I’m not into tech house at all but this one… there’s something about this one?


the entire La Lu la Roo album this song comes off is on streaming services and i really recommend it a lot, its v chill and comfy