Hidden gems, any genre, any era


Well, one half of MoM at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Love me some Microstoria, snd is a great album.


I thought this was a really neat album, too. have you heard it?


I adore this record. LTJ Bukem-esque atmospheric jungle from 1994.


I’ve yet to get stuck into Jan’s side stuff to be honest. It’s definitely on my backlog.

Here’s another album for y’all. How’d you like your distorted punk music infused with unbridled teen angst? Cos Perfect Hair Forever got that perfect combo set up just right for you. Do mind some gross titles and rather morbid/dark lyrics at points (if you can make them out) though; kind of comes with the base concept. The main chunk of their discography is on a now dead netlabel (you can stream it from there but not download it), but they also have their own page set up here.


@T.JARVIS Lovely instrumentals on these. Not so hidden, but have you heard Earl Sweatshirt’s stuff? ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’ and ‘Solace’ are both pretty dark and great. Also can def recommend that new Lil Ugly Mane project Bedwetter, pretty rough shit.

@lagom nice, yeah that ‘feber (utcast)’ track is the one for me :ok_hand:

@Daisuk Really liking these Dueling Ants tunes, spesh the first couple. Down to earth stuff.

@Photektonic Sweet stuff, some reason I never delved much into the atmospheric stuff, but I might just have to go on a youtube hunt after hearing this :slightly_smiling_face: mid nighties was such a good time for so many musics


@ETC …nice one. Likewise, that “Maritime Tatami” track you posted is unreal - a mate of mine tipped me off about it a few months ago. It’s already been repressed twice, I managed to get the 12" on the second repress.

Victrola also made an album but it’s super rare at the moment…would love to hear more of their stuff.


@Photektonic yeah it’s called ‘1982-1983’… It’s floating around on soulseek, don’t think it’s available to buy/stream as it was a bootleg compilation as far as i know. The main difference is the album is more ‘Minimal Wave-y’ with much less of that House-y punch, but defo worth checking!

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Ok, gonna post a few loosies…

This artist FMVEE has some interesting stuff, RA called the track ‘Vaporwavey’ which I think is an unfortunate tag (coming from the track title Vapor Girl), there’s much more to it than that, quite a lovely limbo lurcher.

Love this Luciano Cilio track from '77, constantly flipping between dark and light, all in one composition, tonal and atonal, beautiful. Only released this one record before he died too, crazy.

Finally, this pretty odd Hip-hop/Dance take by Dorothy, an alias of former The Raincoats (punk band) members from the late 80s. Love how everything seems out of key and boshed together, really hope the unreleased album they recorded comes to the surface sometime.


Album released by another dude I know a bit online, this is fucking awesome in my book!


I sometimes feel like I collect hidden gems. I used to make mixtapes and CDs for friends just as something to do, and I was always trying to indoctrinate people - this is what you’re missing! Even now, I’ll listen to something damn-near magical and I’ll think “X would love this, I should put it on a mix” and then think nah, fuck it, no-one cares any more.

So today, for no real reason, this crept along my forebrain and this thread seems the perfect place to share it. Bought on a whim from WarpMart before it was Bleep, and much loved ever since:


I wrote a review of this record a few years ago and the standout track (which was a remix) belonged to Frog Pocket.

total anthem:


The guy 0=0


“Erika” from The GazettE’s “DIM”

A beautiful, quiet interlude track from a Japanese rock album


Also this, can’t praise it enough, takes you someplace else:


this record is amazing, not sure if it counts as a hidden gem any more, what with all these re-issues of cult classics coming out and being given a 8.5 on Pitchfork (Lewis, Robbie Basho, Woo), it’s pretty obvious they would never write about this stuff without the cool ‘lost-now-found’ narrative… any way, i digress… this beautiful thing:


Deep homie here, summer vibes


if you find this somewhere in the dusty corners of a recordstore give it a listen:

i don’t find audio to it on the web and wonder why discogs banned this release for selling. i think it’s good produced pop-r’n’b-music on … uh … Marlboro Music. “Sympathy” is a slow song, but “My American Car” is a very danceable funky jam! with car horns and stuff … i guess it was state of the art in 1991. i payed like 1 € for the 7" and you shouldn’t pay much more i think. :slight_smile:

if anyone has information about the background of this project i’m curious to hear …


Stumbled into this absolutely incredible jazz record which was released in the 80s on Yen Records (perhaps better known as the label imprint ran by Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi of YMO fame). Lots of catchy sax melodies to be found here. The artist was formerly the guitarist to new wave band Plastics (known mainly for their song Copy, from what I can tell.)


This Gazette song is real cool :mage:


my favourite album is mark hollis’ self titled album, can find it on spotify and some of the tracks are on youtube


although not underrated as a leader/composer, im appalled this isnt regarded as one of zorn’s greatest achievements. this expresses the being of jazz music with tons of sonic timbres. shows real jazz isnt about the instrument setup or for pretentious cafe soundtracks