favourite leftfield Drum & Bass / Drumfunk / Autonomic tunes


@zurkonic asked me about some Drum & Bass I’m excited about. Honestly I don’t follow these sounds so much right now so I put together a list of some of the records I bought in my D&B-heydays. Thought I share this here. Of course there are a lot more tunes I forgot. Please post you favourites too!



still giving me goosebumps:



my favorite Fanu-track:

K aka Polar:

with John Tejada:


Macc is this guy who did live-drumming:

the Seba / Paradox / Robert Manos combination put out some of the best D&B-with-vocal-tunes:
more weird:

more pop:

more other stuff

the awful vocals on this one weren’t on the record:

oh shit and this one:


just wrote about this one in another post, this whole EP was my intro to DNB back in '98


the original 1 hour long track, straight masterpiece

helped me through many a late night study session / journal entry / digesting depression


I’ve started listening to electronic music in general thru listening to shitty jump up drum and bass and Pendulum. Not all was bad imo, before I ditched DnB in general chasing the dubstep / post-dubstep scene and other affiliated sounds.

Surprisingly, one of Ramadanman / Pearson Sound’s most leftfield releases was a drum and bass 12" from a short-lived yet high quality lowkey label. I guess '09 / '10 was the heyday of autonomic?


nice tune! didn’t know it before! i think Scuba also did some good tunes at this bpm before he went to make boring tech-house or so.


i’m not really sure about “Mother”. I think sometimes you here how badly Goldie wanted to make something big.


Yeah i cant say what the background was or about him as a person, but i like it as a song and have embedded lots of good memories into it. :man_shrugging: it works for me, but i found it at age 12 so not exactly the most mature listener back then. also my mom died at 15 so yeah it gets in there.

To me, to put into context what guys like Goldie, LTJ Bukem and Photek were doing around that time when you look at what DJ Shadow, A Tribe Called Quest, and on the flip more mainstream Hip Hop and Pop were going for, it just carves out this sweet little pocket for me that is both jazzy and hard and somehow vibes with all those other sounds and songs in a very 96-99 way.

It’s probably not leftfield or drumfunk or autonomic tho…

I sorta see Goldie as a I see Tricky…theyre as much personalities as they are artists, and that’s not a bad thing. they hustle and don’t hide in the corner. and the underground in the past would give you shit for that.


ha, no offence, i really love “inner city life” for example, which is also really about emotions and things … and please post “normal” d&b too if you like. to me the headline is just a starting point and i often like it when threads morph into other topics :wink:

when i started with d&b i was also very into all the jump-up-party-boom-tschak-beat-stuff before i got more and more into the leftfield-side of this music. i really love how you can change moods and directions in this music (and never understood why so many DJs played just one or two styles).

i think this one was one of the best tunes that made a bridge between both sides…


So my favorite dj in this genre and in my opinion a person who will go down as a Los Angeles legend of drum n bass is Dela Moontribe. Her sets span so many styles within the genre. These days DrumNBass is huuuuge in LA, as in it’s the trendy thing to see and will easily pull 500 kids on a weekday night. Now lots of that is because of dedicated crews putting in work for 20+ years, going all the way back to Insomniac(since 98 i think) and Moontribe(since 93) who have been in it for the long haul. The sound that is pulling lots of kids in these days who might have otherwise been scared off by 140-160 stuff is halftime. Slow, melodic, and easy for them to step to. Lots of these kids used to be Dirtybird punters and are finding something with more of an edge, and Dela is right there at the forefront of it spoon feeding it to them.

here’s some of her halftime sets but highly suggest checking out any of her Moontribe sets for a well balanced spectrum of the Drum N Bass world.



of course i have to feature lxc here:

weird click’n’bass-album from 2005, way before autonomic sound :slight_smile:


this would be my fav out of the very few dnb records i own

Jungle, D&B and breaks – what's exciting in 2018?

I came to underground music via dub and dnb before the early 00s, before the big jump up wave that kind of ruined it for me. So much good stuff from that period.

As for more recent stuff, this compilation on UVB-76 hits the spot very well for me.

Felix K has some great stuff in the same vein although slower tempo on this one.


a recent find


think this is one of my all time favourites


Think this counts as Breakcore but I think it fits




Reminded myself of this absolute gem by the master Photek.


The NIC TVG’s youtube channel is just pure blast dudes !! Lots of bombs from Nic TVG himself, Earl Grey, Dgohn, Martsman, Dyl, and lots of amazing drum funk producers. One of my reference for drum funk digging !!

Some of my favorites & deep beloved tracks on this channel:

Nic TVG - Sitting in the crosswalk (Enjoy remix)

Scale - Mind Control

Nick TVG - Brief

Dissident - H20il

Eschaton - X Cigny

Earl Grey - Without purpose

Dgohn - The Meaning of my shoes

And lots of bombs…

The real reference for digging, bros!!

Enjoyyyy !!!


Doctor Rockit, alias of Matthew Herbert

track comes from a compliation made in the mid 90’s, more of a comedown track