favourite leftfield Drum & Bass / Drumfunk / Autonomic tunes


The whole Autonomic thing was the only drum and bass I have ever REALLY liked. It had a lot of crossover with everything FWD/dubstep etc at the time (hence things like that Pearson Sound tune), which is how I came across it… beautiful stuff on record and, in my experience, really surprisingly FUN in a club… just like UK Funky it was a real breath of fresh air from the nosebleed dubstep that had become almost totally dominant.

Anyway, ramble ramble ramble - I’ve been listening to loads of this stuff again recently… and then Instra:Mental pop up from out of nowhere one day to say they’re releasing a new album, half greatest hits, half unreleased bits from that time. It’s out friday, I’m well excited.

Two current percies…

Also worth pointing out that all the podcasts are still online to this day: https://www.club-autonomic.com/


me too! loved the first Instra:mental record. “Love Arp” is the cut.