Braindance Thread


There’s a new Furthur Electronix related label called Zeitnot out there:

Binary Digit, Boneless One & Pearl River Sound on the first four 12"s.
For what i’ve read these will be limited as the FE releases but probably Subwax in BCN will have copies.

I have already shown my support for Pearl River Sound before and this is one of the tracks you’ll find on his Zeitnot 12"



Planar Mists is a great release, listen to it regularly.


its a masterpiece. amazing that rolando made it all on a tracker.


almost forgot about Wisp…


I’ve been enjoying his new material under the ‘dwaallicht’ alias.


oh wow, no kidding. okay, need to check this ASAP!


been going hard on this Trackermatte release. “Wind Through the House” is jaw-dropping.


Wondering how folks here feel about where these sort of releases fit into the classic ‘braindance / idm’ narrative. It seems like a modern remark on what ‘intelligent’ was original trying to describe?

@criminiminal - same guy - but with ableton instead of renoise!


how about the mysterious steinvord?

for people into the rephlex/post-rephlex conspiracies - i feel like there is some interesting stuff happening with colundi


fun new release


New Pearl River Sound track posted on RA, due out this September on italian label Mixed Up:

"somewhere between µ-Ziq and Lory D"


just ran across this great feature on Bandcamp…


New release, imo fit in the thread


EOD is awesome! The album they put out this year is fantastic


I highly recommend checking out ‘Welcome’ by Dave Monolith - one of the best things Rephlex ever put out imo.


Which of the recent Autechre albums do you recommend? Which parts of the NTS releases to start with? (I’m mainly familiar with LP5, Tri Repetae, Incunabula, Amber and Quaristice.)


@S.A don’t sleep on Untilted! it’s maybe my fave Ae record ever…


adding this to downloads just now, thanks – listening to the EOD release at the moment


NTS 1 is the most consistent imo. GIven what you’re coming from as well, that’s what I’d recommend. Not braindance at all though so I’m not sure why it’s in this thread…