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I believe the term braindance was coined by rephlex recs and best describes the genre. Posted this to hear and learn more
One of my favourites at the min:


Yeah Rephlex coined the term braindance. If you’re into the analord series you’ll like EOD for sure:


Thanks for sharing this really enjoyed it! Will look for more. Whats your fave rephlex stuff?


They made a compilation! I have it in storage with all my other CDs. Need to go through them and get them on my laptop at some point.



This is an incredible song! Thank you so much for sharing :heart_eyes::stars:


how bout dem feelings of the ae sessions that came out lads


Just found the ep on spotify its realllly good


Get it out and rip it. Have u heard the peter green macbeth soundtrack. Thats one of my favourites


Always loved this stuff. Just an open question to all: How would you describe Braindance, without referencing any of the artists associated with it?


interesting thread, thanks


that’s a very good question.

first draft answer: post acid and post IDM, up-tempo, focused around quirky melodic playfulness and complex drum programming.

feel free to correct or modify that (or throw it out because even right now i’m not sure I like it.)


First word that came to mind when I read the question was acid. To be fully honest I started the thread cos I wanted to hear and learn more and so far my knowledge of it as a genre revolves around rephlex. Can u show me something I dont know ?


Nah thats a sick answer !


Pretty much everything you get from Bjarki’s bbbbbbRecor’s label fits this thread. EOD above is a great example and then more recently:
Bjarki - Drab2


also Aleksi Perala (Ovuca) is a must listen


Woah this really good nice one


Aleksi perala was signed to rephlex right ? This is cool, a lot to get thru! U got any favourite releases of his?


Aleksi is incredible. His Trip release (called Paradox) is amazing. The Colundi Sequence Vol II is amazing. Also, Simulation is, you guessed it, amazing.


Could be an introduction in his Colundi series


Released a few weeks ago is interesting because there is a different style in drums programming from his
previous releases


This radio show sums the whole thing up for me