Braindance Thread


I wouldn’t bring up PC Music in this context were it not for A. G. Cook’s recent mix for Sigur Ros’ Liminal show on NTS.

A. G. Cook - Hollywood Ambient

Such an incredible set.


Didnt know this happened. Thanks mate


I need this to be released. Prob one of my top 5 most played youtube videos:


two recent favorites, both with major rephlex throwback sounds…


RX-101 (this track sounds like it belongs on SAW 85-92)


sick as fuck, Sean and Rob have done it again. kind of liked it even more than elseq. I put those albums in a playlist with the new sessions, Exai, Oversteps - basically everything from this decade - and I’ve been dipping into it during work. Every visit to it feels like a new voyage.

That being said, I’ve been listening to “all end” quite a bit, incredible track, probably an all-time top 5 for me.


Here’s a track from Pearl River Sound which is one of the best, if not the only guy doing cool braindance/acid stuff out of Italy. In general all the current resurgence (see Brainwaltzera and the whole CPU/WeMe/Analogical Force movement) is pretty cool, way better than those average distorted jungle everyone seems to be in lately


man I love it, such a good show.


Brainwaltzera, so much Brainwaltzera these days… Got all his/her/their records 'cause they are so good :slight_smile:

Also, don’t forget that the IDM mailing list is still alive:


Esoteric/fringe/abstract electronic music.


Yeeessss, I love this comp! Also the Rephlexions one, that had some extraordinary tracks on it.


yeah. im all about brainwaltzera. everything i’ve heard from them has been spot on


Another thumbs up for Brainwaltzera from me. Really lovely music and aren’t one of those records scented? :grin:


Yep, a special edition of Poly-Ana was.


How would you describe Braindance, without referencing any of the artists associated with it?

Post-rave experimentalism.

To me the post-rave part is important as most of the music in this field definitely has a link back to the rave era. So - controversially, perhaps - I wouldn’t really count Autechre as “braindance” because I think they’ve moved off into quite different territory these days.


Rhys Celeste - Microlith
One of my favourite recent-ish records in the braindance vain, along with some of those Aleksi Perala Colundi records. They currently help me to relax after work and prevent me from doing bad anger driving all the way home.

Most of the other tracks on this record contain a bit more acid than this one.

Released posthumously as Rhys sadly passed away early 2017.


Tbh I kinda feel like braindance is an offshoot or particular type of music under the IDM label. Like alot of the stuff I see under the braindance label is the more wonky acid-influenced stuff on Rephlex, but then there’s also IDM that’s more based around hip-hop stylistics like Boards of Canada, Push Button Objects, early Machinedrum, and then there’s the hyper-abstract new-Autechre camp like Oberman Knocks.


The new Alma Construct record one Power Vacuum is huge (@NATSOAS I think you’ll like this one)


This sound wicked. Will give it a proper listen tonight thank u


i guess i’d say this comp is braindance too?


OK, another all-time favorite label whose massive back catalog is an endless treasure chest of priceless gems…going to keep it to five faves, not including any Aleksi as he’s already been mentioned and that’s a threat unto itself!

Recently came into this record and lordy lordy…only record ever released under the X-ASP moniker and it’s a mixture of Braindance Electro of the hard variety and blissed-out electronica with strings…tho the absolute stunner is courtesy of Mika Paradinas of Planet Mu/mu-ziq.

I wasn’t familiar with D’Arcangelo, the Italian twosome who excel at hard-as-nails industrial and 80s-inspired electro-disco-pop…one of my fave reissues from last year and can’t wait for the Suction (Lowfish and Solvent) vinyl pressing of II.

This Arpanet (Gerald Donald of Drexciya) album is weird even for him…split between analog abstraction and abstracted electro.

The Urban Tribe rceords are must-listens for any fans of DJ Stingray as this is when he was doing that project solo:

And the fifth is a no-brainer for me…both Grime comps are beyond important in understanding Dubstep’s formative years, though the second one is go-to as it features Loefah, Digital Mystikz, and of course, Kode9: