A/V - 555-5555 YT videos







One of my all time favourites, and (in my opinion) one of the most important songs of all time. Best viewed alone in the dark lol:


Holy shit!


Here’s an obvious fit for this forum: Mark Leckey - Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

a random favorite: Etienne de Crecy - No Brain

and a fat playlist to throw on at your house parties - Party Vidz


Love No Brain!! I trust you’ve seen the excellent loveletter/homage video “Gridin’” by Nobody Beats the Drum?

Also for another contribution, have this gorgeous video for Kangding Ray’s “These Are My Rivers”. Not sure if someones posted this already but I think my poor laptop would crumble from the weight of having to load so many YouTube embeds in one go




wow this video is fucked in all the right ways. 3d animation opening up this cool half ren and stimpy half familiar nickeloeon warped nostalgic seriousness. hope this penetrates more main vein videos soon, even integrating with live humans. thanks.


cant…stop…watching…party vidz…


i found this very satisfying to watch


My friend Lizzie made this animated video to accompany some beautiful music she made with my other friend Jonee:

probably another one best viewed in the dark tbh. Vaguely Terry Gillam type techniques(? I don’t know much about animation) except it’s about being stoned in the Australian bush and looking in wonder at the trees and rocks

Lizzie also did the amazing artwork on the record itself - http://3bsrecords.com/item.php?id=57


Epilepsy warning again friends but hoo baby if you haven’t seen this thing yet then you’re in for one hell of a visual treat.


gorgeous video for a gorgeous song from a heavily underrated album


2018 jazz vibes