A/V - 555-5555 YT videos


For the best Combination there is on our Earth,

Audio & Visuals

Post your favorite A/V piece,
so everyone can enjoy it like you do :smiley:

I’ll kick it of with not one but 2 YT videos from the same track.
Yeah you read that right.

One of my favs of all time


Both too beautifull to put to words



Love that first Gosh video. Brilliant choreography and use of drone camera work. I want to know the story behind it and it’s release. For a while it totally disappeared off the internet after it premiered. Then it was only available on the cinematographers Vimeo and now it seems to be back in general circulation but in a non official capacity. Sort of strange.



Likely not my favourite all time but very recent and did a good job (with the music) of making me excited for an Orbital album for the first time in … many years.


Love this:


Anything by KOKOFREAKBEAN usually takes my fancy so on that note, here’s the only music video he’s done (that I know of)
Epilepsy warning (flashing lights)

His other work is also highly recommended and more messy in a variety of wonderful ways - https://vimeo.com/user1123652

There’s also an excellent Japanese artist called Sekitani who does some wonderfully disturbing collage artwork using photographs of various bits and pieces of the human body (internal and external). He’s done a couple music vids for grindcore artist Maruosa and also a vid for breakcore artist Zombieflesheater. Volume warning and Epilepsy (flashing lights/images) warning on both of these bad boys. Oh yeah also potential nightmare fuel.


I’ve always found this one outstanding, both the music and the images manage to touch my deepest feelings.
Hope you can enjoy it as I do



Yeah! Isn’t Kanding Ray from Paris? Saw his few years ago at Les Siestes Electroniques


Dope A/V combo drive me through this Eyedress ft. Prefuse 73 film, images and moves are so close to the sound:


I think Normandy originally, now based in Berlin.


I’d like to add a couple.


really enjoyed this, both music and video


Wooow this is amazing! thanks for sharing!!!


Purity Ring - Lofticries

Unoffical. It’s a little NSFWish. I think this video does the song regarding the lyrics more justice

Here is the Original


Arca & Jesse Kanda - TRAUMA Scene 1

still can’t get over how sick this is


SOPHIE — Faceshopping
deflate ya face & that


Seen this slit screen screen effect in other videos but not as good as in this one. Also the song is one of my favs



Gage - 2017 STAY PARO

continuos mix / loop of the ep with sick video