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Reto A Ichi - So Contra



great video! makes me want to go out and shoot and edit, thanks :smiley:



Much thanks to you!! It’s exactly the purpose of my work: get out, life is bigger :slight_smile:



A) It’s 1978 and they have 3 wireless guitars
B) Mothersbaugh’s guitar is chopped into some type of synth pedal hybrid



amazing video


someone who owns a complex and massively expensive modular rig whose music I actually want to listen to, for once


someone else post a video please



I released this one a while ago. It’s an album/film hybrid, the artists made both at the same time, so they are completely intertwined.
If you have the time and are into some more abstract films, I’d highly recommend this. The music is fantastic aswell!



easily one of the best vids ive ever seen. thank you for this lol


Oregon Raves in the 80s got loooseee lol

Osho Crew, Rajneeshpuram Posse :joy:


2:55 to 3:15 im fully peaking lol


I saw a few Arca/Jesse Kanda vids up, but I never really see this one get much shine (likely as it’s pretty subtle by comparison to most of their other work). Also one of my favourite Arca tunes.


well into new Leafcutter John


still a massive inspiration to me whenever i wanna minimalize anything