555 producky competition


I’d like to take part as well, cool idea. Think working within limitations is certainly something I struggle with, would be a worthwhile challenge! I also get the critique of there being too many rules etc but even if it’s just to start off with and the challenge becomes more open to using additional synths later down the line etc, that could be cool too. But there’s lot you can do with pitching/resampling techniques to get good drum sounds n all that


It should be weekly that way if you dont have time that week you can sit out but if you just happen to be free or just found out about it you dont have to wait that long to join


I would definitely be interested. I agree it should be only those sound sources and you can process them however you want, including granular etc. Also agree with winner makes the next pack


oi oi oi sorry everybody been away in scotland; should be able to post that first pack on 2nd July??

is that good for everybody? I’ll post the pack and a first set of guidance on that day :-):scream::blush:


eyo! sorry for the extra delay, took me longer than i thought to recover from this festival (btw big ups the tower festival)

here it is :slight_smile:

(let me know if this works)

the (slightly accidental) theme became ‘sound design bits I never got round to using’ – it’s all sounds I would use for foley, films etc. but never made it in a mix. There’s no outright percussion in there but hopefully enough to cut up and use – let me know if in the future you’d rather have something more traditional and musical. Despite this I tried to stay away from big dick contest guns and glass breaking etc.

Quick recap of how (this round) will work:

  • Everybody has two weeks – until the 18th of July to make their tune
  • You can only use samples in the pack as starter sounds – no extra synths etc. but any sample manipulation is all good
  • Winner will be decided by democratic people’s vote and make the next pack
  • Before posting your tune take the time to offer some feedback on somebody else’s - the main point here is to better everybody’s talent on the buttons

Please lemme know if there’s any (urgent) feedback on process and rules etc. – and in two weeks we can also work out if that was too many samples/not enough, how it all went?

Fanks every1!!!

ah – does somebody know of a good quality streaming/upload service? Soundcloud compresses to shit and I don’t wanna force everybody to DL everybody else’s tunes


All sounds great to me but the problem with the last rule about feedback is that the first person can’t post their tune as there’ll be nothing to give feedback on. Shouldn’t it just be that if you post a track it’s only fair that you give feedback to at least one other track?


Thank you @Meddle for putting this together!

I assume we’ll start a new thread for submissions?


Yes, thanks @Meddle!

Why not just keep submissions in this thread and make it into a gargantuan one?


I got an Octatrack a few weeks back, so re-learning my way around it trying out this competition. Nothing astounding, but will post the result once it’s ready. :slight_smile: Nice initiative, and great samples @Meddle!


Also getting to grips with my Octatrack. Had it for half a year and still haven’t finished a track on it. Hopefully this one will be the first.


This is a great Idea. Downloading the pack now.


@meddle these samples are absolutely lovely.


Thanks again @Meddle for putting this together, I had fun with those samples!

Here’s what I came up with:




Some nice sounds there, good stuff


Nice, I’m very into the second half of this. What did you use for the melodic elements?


thanks, i used d.wav with some reverb, eq, and filters.


mmh i like this – the rhythm at start, and how the melodies build up towards the end especially… maybe the drums could be a bit more complex/syncopated in the second half like in the first? and not sure if it’s EQing or quantisation but the kicks sound a bit off at the start (engineering-wise)

big ups x


aha i love the little toy sword noise drops… and good drums and riddims with the strange samples in there :slight_smile:

the bass that comes in around 1 min sounds a little out of tune? maybe needs fine pitching up or down to fit in nicely with the pad work at the start (which is mint)