555 producky competition


I wld consider wavetable or granular as sort of like processing?

Basically if the sample is the source of the initial sound generation then it’s fine for me, it doesn’t have to sound anything like the original source by the end of the processing.

But if you’re using other synths or drum machines (or other sample packs) then it’s not really much of a restriction and sort of defeats the point imo. @Meddle do u agree?


I am down.

I think quite simply all sounds should begin with the samples, any manner of sampling and processing subsequently is allowed. As for kick drums @deprecate, there are lots of ways you can make them! Or not at all. The fewer rules, the better, as someone above suggested.


ok im still in but im not following your rules if i can’t just use one of my own kicks or whatever. this is not some youtube show or a real competition.


Timing might be awkward for me but if I’m available I’m up for this.


I’d agree with that. It’s more of a challenge if you have to be confined to one set of samples.


It only needs to be one rule: ‘make a track using only these samples as sound sources’. If you want to use your own kicks and such you can do that any time.


i suggest no manipulation at all. choose a tempo and place the samples in your desired order


Unless you’re being facetious, that sounds boring and I don’t see what anyone would learn from that.


sorry for being a bit of an asshole and a dummy. the discussion of all the rules etc kind of took the fun out of it for me, but i’ll back out of this thread now and let you all work it out. if i participate or not i’m excited to hear what people come up with!


Okay before I go I want to contribute something constructive to this discussion. I think what’s important for things like these to work is that it’s a) easy to do for the person putting it together and b) easy to participate. I would much rather frame this a collective exercise than a competition, where the participants build tracks from a collection of samples that’s either themed or just interesting. Ideally it would be 5-6 samples from whatever source the person putting this together wants. As long as it sounds interesting. I think the best rule or guideline to follow for something like this is: “make a track using one or more of these samples” and leaving the rest to the participants. I’m not sure a full sample situation that’s been outlined in this thread is the best idea or the most exciting one, at least for me.


No need to back out of the discussion. It’s all good. I agree with you on the collective exercise vs competition aspect and your proposed rule - good to keep things simple.

I’m excited to see this happen and to hear what people come up with too.


nahhhhhhh that does sound boring and would lead to very similar sounding trax


Few rules, total anarchy


I’m new here, but I’d be totally up for this!


I won one of those once lol. Count me in :wink:


yep you would be allowed plugins, just not any new sound sources (synths etc.) – it’s just fun everybody using the same sources. And for your last comment, yes i think we’re pretty much on the same wavelength :slight_smile: except for slight rule difference…

aha that could be wicked – could also have themes like ‘reminds me of x city’

yes def! that’s what was in mind… granular/wavetable – yeah would be fine i think, idea is everybody plays with the same sounds


OK whecked fanks a lot everyone; seems there’s (nearly!) concensus on the sample rule. We can always change after first couple rounds and improve as well :pray:

Last thing to work out is: 1. who makes sample packs and 2. who decides winner?

  1. I suggest previous round’s winner

  2. Also suggest last round’s winner – however as pointed out by @mortenhd the main draw is to get useful feedback on all tracks and experiment. The winner would be a lil bonus and helps it all moving (assuming they make the new pack and choose the next winner).


Winner decided by vote, winner makes next pack. Love this idea btw


Should we just have all interested parties submit a sample for the first pack? Then we can get this thing going?


yee lets goooooo @Meddle u should drop the first pack