555 producky competition


so there used to be this contest on dsf where there was a very limited sample pack every week (month?) and everybody would have to make a tune from those.

i think Objekt made one of his big tunes from that and also remember Facta using a couple, i believe…

it could be cool to start it again in some new form, we could talk about how it could be run, e.g. how often, how does the winner get chosen, who makes the sample packs etc.

to start - how many would be into it?

Production & Promo

I’m downnnnnnnnnnnnnn


sounds cool, i’m down


I’m also down for sure.


in! in in in in, IN!


let’s gooooooooooooo


great idea, would definitely be in. putting a sample pack together every month (or even week) is quite a bit of work though. So maybe we could start with picking a track that has to be sampled or just choosing and already existing pack (legowelt has quite a few).


wicked, makes me happy…

OK things to settle and suggestions: (are there any plug ins on here where we can vote on things?)

-start date (suggest Wednesday 20th June?)
-frequency (suggest twice a month/bi-weekly – good speed to finish tunes but long enough if you get caught up in something else)
-sample packs – what and who? (how about 20-30 samples, made by previous round’s winner?)
-judging – we could have a crowd vote or again previous winner? (think last winner makes more organisational sense)

Other rule suggestions:
-as many plug ins as you want but all source samples must be from the pack – pitching a sample for example would be OK, but not adding a synth to it
-anything else?


think making a small one would be doable, which makes it more challenging and interesting - good creative process…


basically you’re suggesting we can only use samplers for the sound sources?


I think so, but you can process them however you like? Is that right?

I’d be well up for this. I’m currently rubbish at trackmaking & it wld be good to have some restrictions and hopefully feedback from ppl.


I’m in. :slight_smile: 20 characters, bla bla bla.


I used to participate in one of these type things years ago and learned a lot from it. It was good motivation to complete a track and the feedback from others was invaluable. I’d be inclined to be more involved if it wasn’t framed as a competition but rather a way for us all to learn from each other and improve.


would it be a good idea to not even use plugins ? I mean we can use only the samples plus some kicks, snares, high hats and so on…


please do not make it more elaborate than it needs to be. if there’s going to be a complicated set of rules i’m out


aha yeah i guess, didn’t think of it that way. it just means otherwise you have infinite possibilities of synths etc.


good idea… was definitely thinking it would be perfect for good feedback, everybody in the same situation. winner also helps move on the process, then there’s new sample packs every time by new people - could do both

what you mean?


like if we only can use the samples, no plugins etc etc, it defeats the purpose of the limits put upon you by the exercise imo. for this to work there has to be some “soft boundaries” not workflow dictating rules


Totally down and in!
Personally, I am better with a monthly compo instead of a bi-weekly one timewise, but it might just be me :slight_smile: I love the idea of using only samples (which is totally Renoise territory at this point, which is great!) - what do you guys think about using thematic sample packs? “coffee” “kitchen utensils” “dog sounds” - could have amazing results! also, is use of hardware/software limited? (no VST instruments or synths, just DAWs and effects?)


Limiting it to samples and plugins makes sense to me. No synthesizers, though that can get tricky (wavetable synths / granular synths?). I’m tempted to say we should state that every sample pack should contain at least one bass drum sample but then maybe that removes the limitation of having to create a bass drum within the constraints of what is in the sample pack.


Hello, 555 lurker here that’s way down to participate in this.