555 producky competition


no woz man all good…

well done on the tune :pray: enjoyed the sparse bits and the echoed snare around 2:10, feels v. hypnotic

maybe some elements could build up more as it goes on so you’d have more progression? things coming in/out more often, new sounds?


Hoya everybody, sorry for the delay; I’ve been away for 3 weeks (also why i couldn’t make one myself)! Thanks to every1 that got involved one way or another… and big ups those who finished a tune :champagne:

so found out you can just do a poll here; winner gets to make the next sample pack here and maybe we can vote until friday? one vote per person for one winner

  • SNAKEHEAD - Fives Comp #1
  • Lindum - 555-comp-1
  • First Herrin - Producky 1

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hey thx

lol its absolutely way out of tune idk why i even put it there haha. i procrastinated dumb late and was frantically throwing shit in the night of


big ups @cafe / First Herrin :champagne:

u good to make your pack when you’re ready?


yeah im workin on it. ill put it up this week!


yall down for another one?


what you saying haha


did this die on the vine? @cafe are you working on the sample pack?


im down to participate, lets do it


I am also down! Had fun with the last one.


I’m new and would also love to do this.


@cafe let us know if you want to claim your throne!

if not i can upload one as runner up, or maybe @Meddle can reboot us