Yves Tumor // Safe In The Hands of Love (Warp)



OMG y’all I’m totally geeked on this first single. cannot wait for the LP.


its pretty wild, reclaimed britpop?
Very excited for the full release bc I have no doubt it’ll be all over the place as usual


Wow, Noid is not what I expected at all.
I really like it, it sounds very confident.
I wonder if the whole album will be more ‘conventional’ songs like this.
I’d heard that Yves Tumor live shows can be a bit of a dirge of noise. Anyone here attended a recent show?


Saw the live show in Glasgow a while back as part of the Warp v Numbers night, think this was just after they had announced singing to Warp. It was LOUD, and yeah a bit of a dirge of noise. But amazing, really.

I come from a noise/industrial background and saw that they have a loose connection with some HNW acts online, and read interviews where they talk about Throbbing Gristle n stuff so I did half expect something, maybe an MBV-style ‘harsh’ section at most but it was unrelenting noise and heavily delayed/distorted vocals all the way through, very TG actually. There were a lot of beats too though, quite clubby in parts.

It probably shouldn’t have worked but I thought it was brilliant and found it diverse enough to enjoy the whole thing. My partner was expecting ambience or soul loops like the records and don’t think they enjoyed it as much/thought it was a bit one note, which is probably a fair criticism, but the room seemed really into it.

Anyway, I think they’ve proven not to go with expectations though, it could be a set full of ‘pop’ songs next time. Very excited for this!


to echo @pmodel above - yves tumor live is an entirely different experience than recorded material


I can see now that Tumor is a consummate artist. in this era of rapid churn notoriety and fabricated playlist hell, it’s heartening to see that some artists have the scope to master and move fluidly between genres and experiences. in fact, I have a feeling genres and experiences are of little use to an interdisciplinary practitioner of this caliber. and kudos to Warp, who very rarely get it wrong…


Didn’t like the single at first listen but after a couple listens it’s really growing on me so catchy. Really looking forward to the album


Reclaimed Britpop – that makes a strong case for it.

This is a real Marmite single. But he’s so unpredictable it’s difficult to know if the album will be anything like this – although on the grapevine it is indie rock-like. I guess Dean Blunt has made similar moves before.

I remember the first time I saw him it was pure noise, nothing like his album, and riotous, but not that good musically. He spent half the show saying “I’m sorry, this is my first show”. Then later, someone in the know told me, “he says that every time”. Go figure.


For comparison, this is probably what you’ll get live. I’m not sure if I would be as into it if I saw the same live show twice, and I say that as someone who has spent far too much time at noise shows in my life.

Can’t wait to hear what this record will sound like.


I’m full aware his other stuff is not at all like this song at all but uh, damn this is a very good in point for him. If the LP is (a) going to happen and (b) going to be full of even more tunes like this then i am EXTREMELY excited for it to drop because this is wonderful. Excellent production; loving the mismatch of the rather joyful happy song with the very dark lyrics.


oh goody.

so…who is James K? this is the same voice from “Noid”, no?

also features a harsh noise breakdown in the middle so the comments above making a little more sense now :slight_smile:


flavours of the most recent gerogerigegege release with the distorted guitars in the middle. anyway according to pitchfork, James k’s vocals appear at the end, which make sense.

their soundcloud is here https://soundcloud.com/jamesk_1

anyway this track is another wonderful tune, very much looking forward to the full length if/when that happens


I’ve been listening to Noid pretty much nonstop over the last few days, it’s astonishing. Everything he’s doing right now is incredible.


couldn’t agree more - Licking an Orchid is unreal


another one https://t.co/NRxM3NVRQ5



god this album is going to be fucking lush when it drops. calling it now, gonna be in the top 3 of my aoty list


bangers on bangers i am enjoying




forum tip, put youtube links on a separate line to make them embed properly.

interesting how this is unlisted. wonder why? (UPDATE: fader exclusive! https://www.thefader.com/2018/09/04/yves-tumor-economy-of-freedom)

the opening is a bit more what i expected from yves tumor but then it sinks into this really nice little instrumental tune…this album is shaping up so nicely!

edit; also this old interview w/ yves helps put a lot of stuff into perspective, esp the direction taken with this new content https://pitchfork.com/features/rising/10003-the-disgusting-beauty-of-enigmatic-experimentalist-yves-tumor/


good looks with the youtube links

little detail about lifetime, that’s james ferraro on keys :):):))

glad to see them still making stuff together, now we just need a bodyguard comeback