Yves Tumor // Safe In The Hands of Love (Warp)


just purchased the whole record on Bleep. no wait.



that artwork is fucking terrifying and i love it


puce mary on there as well omg

cannae wait to listen I’m stuck with the work playlist for now though :frowning:


just finished a play through. absolutely stunning work, esp love the last track but noid and licking an orchid are still the star stand out tracks; would be best if they were album only so they could really shine and be a surprise but im happy regardless.


I’m finding it a tad spotty, actually. “Economy of Freedom” is very nice but sounds out of place, as does “Honesty” and “Hope in Suffering”. obviously, the singles are HUGE and the little three-song cycle at the very end is magnificent but I don’t know if I can put this in my top 3 this year. maybe top 5.


it’s definitely in top 5 for me too. theres definitely albums id rank higher than this but its still one of the best things ive heard this year. agreed on some of the songs not quite fitting in thematically tho


what a totally weird record. some of it sounds like placebo. sometimes his voice sounds like a millennial emo/punk singer.

reminds me there were loads of 90s/early00s indie bands who are forgotten about now who were doing very weird things within the realms of indie, in terms of production etc, but within the harmonic confines of pop/rock… not exactly “reclaimed britpop,” but going back to the various bands who were operating in the post-4AD stream of adventurous, melodramatic pop

Lifetime is so OTT and really quite nice… why am I thinking of Hope of the States? lollll


totally agree about the 90s/early 00s indie bands that were doing interesting things that i dont think get credited enough. not to capitulate yves as motivated to do what he does for the sake of mixing it up, but i think hes just relating that raw, ubiquitous creative energy with the aforementioned type of groups. as with everything hes done, with all other kinds of realms hes engaging in


You know what this new sound kind of reminds me of?


@chalravens @dzyg would love some examples of those aforementioned forgotten bands!


Soooooo, I adore Noid and Licking An Orchid, and the one with Oxhy/Puce Mary, mixed feelings about the rest. The lyrics are really disarming, not usually something i’m too interested in but they caught me a few times, especially on Noid & Recognizing The Enemy, when he sings “PTSD, Depression” it hits pretty hard.

I kind of like that it’s so melodramatic, and like his voice, but it all veers too much in a post-rock direction on a few songs, it is the live drums really i’m struggling to enjoy, all those crashing cymbals are a huge turn off for me. And the last one kinda reminds me of latter period Swans, and I hated their last few albums so hehhhh.

But I feel bad being critical at all about it as it seems the whole record is very much a rejection of preconceived notions of what he ‘should’ be doing, and to be fair on repeated listens the parts i’m not enjoying aren’t bothering me as much, so maybe i’ll grow into loving it.

Really into there being an artist as multifaceted and outright weird as Yves Tumor out there being successful, it kind of makes me think about what Psychic TV were doing in the 80s, making pop that was also really subversive and odd.


Interesting how you mentioned you didn’t like the post rock influence because that’s the thing I loved with Noid and Licking an Orchid. Noid isn’t going for the typical “crescendo” route like every stereotypical post rock group, but you can hear the more complex drumming that’s happening while sirens and feedback are playing in the background (i didn’t even notice it that much first listen) alongside a synth drone as the song progresses. For myself, Yves’ new music is “post rock” in the sense that it can have all these complex layers and textures (seen in serpent music as well) without them interfering with the simply catchy elements calling back to pop/rock music.


I think that’s a fair comment, there isn’t a huge amount of difference between Noid/Licking an Orchid and Lifetime or Recognizing The Enemy, but the ‘typical crescendo’ is just more pronounced on the latter tracks I feel? It’s just a personal thing, I still really like elements of those tracks, and I have enjoyed the record a lot more with each listen. He has definitely got a gift for combining the unexpected, it’s a pretty great record and deserving of praise


i need a few more listens really, love the singles… it’s close to my heart, the merging of ideas from competing ‘genres’, and Noid et al do exactly that. Slight criticism in line with @pmodel is that perhaps the ‘flirting’ with indie crosses the line into actually just being indie in a few places, where it begins to feel less revelatory. also how did Tirzah’s rec get 8 something, and this a 9 something on P4K? guess that’s the beauty of the surprise release. howilearnedtolovetheindiestry, amen


I’m getting very specific late 90’s Thrill Jockey vibes from this LP. Also Modest Mouse pre smash hit.


Just blast Economy of Freedom on the work speakers. I think they’ll get it.


I work for a certain popular skinhead-favoured boot company so unfortunately I’m limited almost exclusively to ska :frowning:


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oh you know it! all the rudies will be so jealous.