Your personal Ableton tips n tricks


i want all of your tips n tricks


what are you trying to accomplish?


i should have added ‘personal’. i’ll do that now if it allows. dunno, i wanna see if anyone has any go-to parameters. what crazy thing does one do with the stock reverb. any sends ideas? we have groups within groups now with ableton 10, anyone go crazy with that glue compressor?

anyone actually ever use digital clipping distortion as an effect? sounds a bit naff


one trick I use quite a bit is get a couple of arpeggiator ideas started and then re-record the output onto a new MIDI channel so you can edit the individual MIDI notes and move things around to your liking.


i never thought of doing this. that’s actually a really great idea. thanks


If you open your project file folder on your computer, you can drag and drop the project files (.als or whatever they are) directly into a new set, drop them into new clips (and they’ll all drop in their respective tracks), and build up a sort of mix/live-set/dj-set this way. Pretty handy.

Also, the glue compressor is ace.

If you’re using hardware I’d recommend syncing Live to the hardware, and not the other way around, as the sync is way more stable and doesn’t drift off nearly as much as if you use Live as the master clock.


When making a DJ mix, have separate tracks for every song and every layer of loops, etc. Really helps to isolate effects and ensure you don’t have volume changes, effects, etc from earlier in the mix still running.

I made a few mixes where I just alternated between two tracks (like I had seen on tutorials) — volume management and making sure effects were turned on or off was nightmarish 4 or 5 tracks in.


I watched this and found it interesting, even though I generally work with hardware.


A lot of times when I start a track, nothing is mixed and it sounds like crap and I wanna abandon whatever little sketch I have. So to gloss over any ugly mix details when I’m composing I put three effects on the master channel:

  • EQ Eight in M/S mode with high pass around 250Hz on the sides.
  • Reverb “Bright room” setting at like 10% Wet
  • Limiter “Upper Ceiling” setting to keep it from clipping

Just sort of a “singing in the shower” sort of effect that helps me focus.


recently discovered incremental quantisation (CMD+Shift+U) - which allows you to quantise slightly, or mostly (your choice of %), without snapping completely to grid. really handy feature for tightening up recorded midi patterns while retaining that imperfect human feel, if your playing is a little too human :relieved:


If you tend to start a new track with a similar set up use the save current set as default feature. Saves you a lot of time getting your project started and lets you jump straight in to making music.